WWE NXT Recap: Shield In Action, Neville, Heyman, Mason Ryan, Big E., Zayn Challenges Cesaro

WWE NXT Recap: Shield In Action, Neville, Heyman, Mason Ryan, Big E., Zayn Challenges Cesaro Photo: Nicole (@nicole_rose_54)
Paul Heyman comes down to the ring and says it's time him to start scouting a new Paul Heyman guy. He says he doesn't know a lot about anyone there, but he is blown away by what he has seen in NXT. He says he there to scout for the future, not live off the past because the future is NXT. He says inside the NXT locker room somewhere there's the next Paul Heyman guy and the next Paul Heyman. He says somewhere in the locker room is the next Brock Lesnar. He says somewhere in the locker room is the next Curtis Axel. Curtis Axel then comes out.

Heyman says Axel is better than perfect and that they just came by to say hello. He says Axel isn't willing to defend his title there because there is no human in Florida man enough to take the title from him. Big E. Langston then comes out.

Langston thanks Paul for joining them and says he is man enough to beat Axel. Axel takes the mic and laughs at Langston. He gives Langston a shot and Langston starts walking down to the ring. Axel says not tonight. He says the match will be on the Thanksgiving or Christmas show. Langston tells him to shut up. He says defend the title here tonight or Axel isn't man enough to hang at NXT. Axel sets the belt down and Heyman gets into the ring.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Curtis Axel (c) vs. Big E. Langston

Langston grabs Axel by the back of the neck. Axel fights back with head and gut strikes. Langston gets a huge belly to belly Suplex. He then clotheslines him over the top rope to the outside. Back from commercial and Langston has Axel's head locked in. Axel fights out, but Langston gets a big shoulder knockdown. He punches Axel in the gut five times. Axel comes back with a clothesline to Langston's back. He then boots Langston in the head and attacks him on the mat. Axel gets a dropkick.

Axel gets several knees to the gut. Axel hits a running neck snap and then a dropkick to the head. Langston comes back with multiple clotheslines and then five knees to the gut. He then hits Axel with his running body block. Langston signals for the Big Ending and Heyman attacks him from behind.

Winner by DQ: Big E. Langston

Langston attacks Heyman. Axel attacks Langston from behind and stomps him in the corner. Heyman hands Axel the belt. Axel goes to hit Langston with it, who ducks. Langston hits the Big Ending and then does the five count.

Sami Zayn is then backstage with Renee Young. Young talks about what happened with Cesaro and Colter when they accused him of being in the country illegally. Zayn says he's not ashamed of who he is and his heritage. He says he's the man who beat Cesaro and who challenged him to a third match over a month ago. Zayn says let's up the ante and make it personal by making it a two out of three falls match. He says he will expose Cesaro for a coward.

Mason Ryan vs. Scott Dawson

Dawson gets in Ryan's face. Ryan lands a big clothesline. He then clotheslines Dawson in the corner twice. Enzo Amore and Colin Cassaday come out and distract Ryan. Dawson takes Ryan's knee out and then strikes him against the ropes. Ryan lands a big boot and then hits a cobra clutch slam for the win.

Winner: Mason Ryan

Enzo and Colin hop up on the apron to attack Ryan, but Ryan fends them off. He then picks Dawson up above his head and tosses him onto them.

Summer Rae will face Paige for the Women's Championship next since Emma was "injured" after Summer's attack after the dance battle last week.

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