TNA Impact Results: Hardcore Justice, Major Heel Turn, New Champion Crowned, More

Winner of 20 points: Kazarian

Roode, Kaz, and Daniels gloat and celebrate on the ramp.

- The Main Event Mafia is on the way out.

- Chris Sabin talks in the back about watching Bully and Devon put a man through a table of fire with thumbtacks when he was a kid. But he says he will leave tonight as the World Champion.

- Dixie Carter is in the ring with MEM. She says Kurt Angle is in a rehab facility and she wishes him well and that he will be back soon. Aces & 8's, lead by Mr. Anderson, come down. No Bully Ray. Anderson and his boys get in the ring as Rampage takes off his jacket. Anderson says it looks like MEM has one week to find a new partner. Anderson goes through each member and says Aces & 8's will have the distinction of destroying all their careers.

Magnus responds and says Anderson need only be worried about his immediate future, when he will get punched in his mouth. The crowd is fully behind Magnus and he proposes that maybe they will find their new partner in the audience. Magnus says one of the Aces & 8s's is getting the pink slip. Anderson counts the numbers each team has and unloads on Magnus. A brawl ensues as Aces & 8's lay out MEM and stand tall.

- We go to a shot of Tito Ortiz arriving from earlier in the day.

- The Knockouts are on the way out for a 3-way. (Stop it)

Hardcore Justice Triple Threat: Gail Kim vs. ODB vs. Mickie James

No DQ's, no count out. ODB goes right at and takes control of both women right off the ramp. Gail and Mickie double team ODB and slap fives. Gail beats on ODB as Mickie goes to get a chair. Mickie and Gail fight over the chair but set it up in the corner and send ODB into it. Gail and Mickie fight for pinning privileges. Mickie throws Gail to the floor, Gail pulls ODB out and drives her to the floor. Gail looks for something under the ring. Mickie comes up from behind and lays her out. Mickie starts to beat ODB with a kendo stick in the ring. ODB turns it around and swings the stick at both women and lays them out.

ODB removes her bra and wraps it around Mickie's neck and tosses her across the ring. Then she uses it to hang Gail in the ropes. Mickie James attacks her from behind and lays her out. Gail puts the figure 4 on ODB around the post as Mickie stretches ODB's upper body out. Gail lets go and confronts Mickie in the ring. ODB takes a swig from her flask and sprays it but Gail ducks and ODB gets Mickie in the face. Gail grabs the stick but ODB shuts her down. ODB hits a Samoan Drop to a steel chair and pins Gail. Mickie tries but is too late to break the count.

Winner by pin: ODB

- Sting tells his boys in the back that they need a replacement partner. He says he knows nobody likes him, but he is going to talk to Austin Aries.

- Back from a break as Sting talks to Aries in the locker room. Sting says they want to get rid of Aces & 8's and he knows Aries hates them as much as they do. He asks Aries to join them. Sting says they don't have to be friends because they have a common enemy. Aries ponders as we cut away.

- Bobby Roode is approached in the back. He says timing is everything. He says he is now in line to be 2nd place in the BFG.

- MEM discuss things as they wait on Sting. Sting enters and says now he hates Aries too. Aries said "no." Rampage says he has a solution and he heads to the ring. Sting tells Joe to go with him.

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