Re-Post: Impact Wrestling Results With Video

- Rampage and Samoa Joe make their way to the ring. Rampage talks about MMA fans calling him a sell-out. He says he loves TNA and it is things like that that give him his edge. He says he didn't come here to get his a** kicked by some dudes on a Moped. He calls out Tito Ortiz. Tito comes out and stands face to face with Rampage. Rampage says everyone knows they have a Bellator fight on November 2nd but right now MEM needs Tito's help. Tito says he came to Impact to make headlines. Before he can go further, Bully Ray interrupts.

Bully says if he didn't have a title to win tonight, he would come in the ring and beat the piss out of all of them. He warns Tito that if he gets in his way, he will make him his "Huntington Beach Bi*ch." Rampage and Joe have to hold Tito back. Mr. Anderson joins Bully on the ramp and makes his way to the ring for our next BFG contest.

- Back from a break with tables at all corners of the ring. Joe and Magnus are in the ring. Bobby Roode makes his entrance. Magnus attacks him on the ramp.

BFG Tables Match (20 Points): Magnus vs. Bobby Roode vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Samoa Joe

Anderson and Joe brawl at ringside. Roode sets up a table in the ring. Anderson unloads on Joe in the ring. Magnus takes over on Anderson. Roode comes in from behind and stomps Magnus in the corner. Roode sets up a table in the ring. Joe and Magnus go on a flurry on Roode. Joe and Magnus go for dueling simultaneous powerbombs but Roode and Anderson wiggle out.

Joe pairs off with Roode and Anderson with Magnus at ringside. Joe rings the bell on Roode's groin. Magnus goes for a powerbomb on Anderson on the ramp but is unable. Anderson hits a low-blow on Magnus. Joe saves Magnus from a table and headbutts Anderson and then a boot to the face. Magnus sets up a table in the ring and goes to slam Roode into it. Roode wiggles out and hits a spinebuster to Magnus. All four men in the ring now. Roode gets knocked to the floor and Joe hits him with a suicide dive. Magnus drops Anderson in the ring.

Magnus set up a table but Anderson hits him with the Mic Check. Joe comes back in and goes for a Muscle Buster with Anderson, on the table, but Roode moves the table. Kazarian and Daniels come down to ringside. Daniels throws an appletini into Magnus' eyes and Roode powerbombs him through the table.

Winner of 20 points: Bobby Roode

- The cage is being set up around the ring.

- Sting, in the back, says Tito is going to be an asset wherever he goes, but not necessarily to MEM. He says he does think that Tito is a good move but also, "Be careful what you wish for."

- Sabin stretches in his locker room.

- Anderson and Bully have some words in the back. Anderson asks if Bully can beat Sabin. They argue. Bully asks if he has the support of his club. Anderson says they are not his enemy. Bully says he certainly doesn't look like his ally.

- Bully Ray makes his entrance, alone, as we go to break. World Champion makes his entrance and Bully gets in his face from the cage.

World Championship Cage Match: Chris Sabin (c) vs. Bully Ray

JB does the formal ring introductions. We get a #CageMatch in the corner of the screen. Bully easily slams Sabin to start off. He does it again and verbally bashes Sabin. Sabin gets up and shoves Bully. They lock up and Bully picks Sabin up and walks around a bit and then slams him with authority. Sabin goes into a flurry and drops Bully in the corner and follows up with a dropkick to the face. Sabin goes to lift Bully on his back but Bully doesn't allow it. Bully turns it back around and drives his boot into Sabin's face. Bully tosses Sabin into the cage like a rag doll.

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