WWE SmackDown Results: Bryan Vs. Barrett In No DQ, The Shield Vs. Henry-Show-RVD, Wyatts

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- Crowd shots from San Jose, CA kick us off. Michael Cole runs down the show. Daniel Bryan will face Wade Barrett in the main event and it is NO DQ.

- The Wyatt Family video effect interrupts Cole's voice and they make their awesome entrance. We cut to a video of what they have done to Kane. We cut back to Bray and the lantern in the rocking chair, in the ring with Rowan and Harper behind him. The lights come on and he tells a story about a little boy who was picked on as a kid and was called a freak. One day this boy decided to change the world but instead ran away from home and hid behind a crutch: a mask. We see a shot of Rowan in the sheep mask. Bray gets up and says this boy was Kane. He says he will show Kane that one man's hell is another's paradise. He falls to his knees and says, "Follow the buzzards."

Kane's pyro goes off and he shows up from behind and takes out Rowan and Harper and leaves them lying at ringside. Kane gets in the ring and motions that it is the end. Bray charges at him and Kane unloads on him in the corner. Harper and Rowan get back in but Kane tosses them back out. Bray blindsides Kane with a running forearm and Harper and Rowan pounce on him. Bray kisses Kane on the head and drops him. They pose over Kane's carcass as we go to break.

- We return to Damien Sandow cuffing his briefcase to the ring post. He poses and visually gloats with it. We see footage of Cody attacking him last week. Christian makes his entrance.

Christian vs. Damien Sandow

Quick back and forth. Christian hits a missile dropkick off the top for 2. Sandow recovers and knocks Christian to the floor with a lariat. Sandow brings him back in and gets 2 then works him over on the mat. Sandow tosses Christian to the floor and throws him into the steel steps. Christian bumps hard and we go to commercial.

Sandow is still in control with a headlock in the ring as we return to action. Sandown unloads with knees to the face on the apron. Christian rallies back and hits a high back bodydrop and hits a neckbreaker for 2. Christian misses from up top with a splash, Sandow hits a neckbreaker for 2. Fast paced action. Christian goes on a flurry and comes off the 2nd buckle with a reverse forearm. Sandow slides out of a Killswitch and does a cartwheel to get out of the way. Sandow hits a side Russian leg sweep but Christian avoids the Elbow of Disdain and rolls Sandow up for the pin.

Winner by pin: Christian

Christian hits a spear to Sandow after the match. Alberto Del Rio attacks Christian from behind and gets a mic as he cuts a promo and stomps him. He says Christian will never be champion again. Christian counters the Cross Armbreaker and hits the Killswitch and stands over Del Rio.

- Renee Young interviews Rob Van Dam in the back. RVD says he wants some gold around his waist. Renee asks him about The Shield getting involved in his match with Dean Ambrose. Mark Henry and Big Show show up and RVD says he is not worried. Big Show says the Hounds of Justice are about to be the hunted. Henry says they are going to need a shield because "we have a giant." RVD says they will win tonight in their match with The Shield, pointing to himself.

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