More Reports From WWE Live Event In Portland: Daniel Bryan Vs. Del Rio, R-Truth Beats Ryback

Daniel Bryan def Alberto Del Rio via count out. The crowd honestly seemed exhausted at this point due to the Punk match. They arbitrarily chant yes but there's virtually no heat on Del Rio. During the match del rio grabs the mic to put the crowd on blast for chanting yes so much. This is the only thing that seems to get a reaction.. and it's more yes chant. Del Rio quits match after big Daniel Bryan comeback. Daniel Bryan cuts a promo about being from 2 hours away, and that the next time he comes back he'll be WWE champion.

Most cheers: CM Punk followed by Daniel Bryan

Most Heat: Paul Heyman followed by The Shield

Best Chant: BONE-SAWWWW (ryback)

Best Finish: Truth def. Ryback

Best Match: CM Punk v. Curtis Axel

From David:

Brad Maddox comes out to quit a bit of heat from the hostile crowd, and proceeds to inform the audience that John Cena will not be at tonight's event. Refunds were offered to those who left before the end of the 2nd nights match. The advertised Main Event was a Champion vs. Champion match, Cena vs. Del Rio. Maddox then went on to tell the crowd that the night would start with a Battle Royal, featuring Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, RVD, Mark Henry, Ryback, R-Truth, Christian, and the Shield with the winner taking Cena's place in the Main Event. After a slow start, things picked up, with Ryback eliminating a majority of them until it was just him and Daniel Bryan. It looked as if he would win until Bryan came out of nowhere with a running clothesline to send Ryback over the ropes and get the victory. The Yes! chants were explosive, as expected, since he grew up 2 1/2 hours outside of Portland.

Kane vs. Luke Harper (w the Wyatt Family)

As Erick Rowan and Bray Wyatt watched ringside. Kane was dominated early, but picked up momentum not to long in. At this point Rowan and Wyatt both started distracting Kane ringside, eventually getting Harper a DQ by interference. It looked as if Kane would be getting Bray Wyatt's finsiher, Sister Abigail, but he fought the attack off, chokeslamming both Harper and Rowan, sending an upset Wyatt back to the locker room.

AJ Lee vs Kaitlyn.

This was a surprisingly well done match, that at this point of the night, was the best wrestling the crowd had yet to see. AJ made Kaitlyn tap with her submission move, The Black Widow.

Maddox then announced later in the evening would be a fan's choice match, featuring Dolph Ziggler vs Big E Langston. The choices were either a 2 out of 3 Falls Match or No Disqualification Match. Fans could send there vote via text message.

6 Man Tag Match: The Shield vs RVD, Mark Henry and Christian

Christian was caught singing the Mark Henry theme song lyrics, which was funny if you caught it. This match was very competitive, with Christian getting a lot of heat from a pro Shield crowd. He was roughed up pretty good, until Mark Henry got in the ring and cleared house. It ended with Seth Rollins receiving the World's Strongest Slam followed by a 5 Star Frog Splash for the loss. Christian looked old.

R-Truth vs Ryback

R-Truth came down to some good pop. Ryback came out to a bit of heat, but that was soon forgotten when the match started. He tossed R-Truth around from the ring of the bell. The crowd started some Feed Me More chants, and he actually resorted to some of the older ring antics. As he went for his signature clothesline, R-Truth jumped out of the way, sending Ryback into the turnbuckle, and then rolled him up for a 3 count and the win. Ryback was enraged in disbelief.

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