More Reports From WWE Live Event In Portland: Daniel Bryan Vs. Del Rio, R-Truth Beats Ryback

Big E Langston (w AJ Lee) vs Dolph Ziggler in a No DQ Match

This might have been the best match of the night. They both went back and forth most of the match, until Big E brought out a Kendo Stick. This set things in his favor. You don't realize how impressive an athlete Big E is until you see him live. He gets amazing air on the Warrior Splash he does. AJ even got her hand on the Kendo Stick, hitting Ziggler square between the eyes. Ziggler pulled off the win with his Zig Zag.

Curtis Axel (w Paul Heyman) vs CM Punk

Heyman tried to cut a promo that no one could hear do to the heat he got. The crowded was relentless on Heyman. Punk came out to a huge pop and went straight after Heyman. The fight started on the outside of the ring in streetfight fashion. Both Punk and Axel looked great, with Punk getting the win after hitting the GTS.

Main Event: Alberto Del Rio vs Daniel Bryan

The pop Daniel Bryan came out to was on a Stone Cold level. His rise has been meteoric at best. Del Rio came out to a lot of heat, prompting him to taunt which direction he'd throw his shirt. He ended up just tossing aside, getting even more heat. This match had all the usual spots with Del Rio even grabbing a mic during the middle of the match and telling the crowd how much he hates the Yes! chants. He told the crowd to chant Si! which turned into a No! It was pretty damn good. Bryan eventually got Del Rio in the Yes! Lock only to have Del Rio grab the mic, hitting Bryan in the head and getting a DQ. Bryan put Del Rio in the submission again after the match, as Del Rio immediately tapped. Bryan picked up the mic and thanked the crowd for being so awesome, then went on to promote the Smackdown that is coming to Portland on December 10th, 2013, and said he hoped he could come back as Champ. The crowd erupted, Yes! chants followed as the show came to a close. All in all, an amazing show, considering no Cena or Orton. Great crowd, great matches.

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