More Reports From WWE Live Event In Portland: Daniel Bryan Vs. Del Rio, R-Truth Beats Ryback

More Reports From WWE Live Event In Portland: Daniel Bryan Vs. Del Rio, R-Truth Beats Ryback
Here are more reports from Friday's WWE SuperShow in Portland, OR, courtesy of readers David, Joe Bukowski and Carl Polzel.

From Carl Polzel:

The show started with Brad Maddox coming out saying that John Cena would not be wrestling, due to an injury. The crowd booed and Maddox announced a battle royal, to determine who would face Alberto Del Rio in the main event. The battle royal participants were RVD, Daniel Bryan, Mark Henry, Dolph Ziggler, Big E. Langston, R-Truth, Christian, Ryback, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose, with Daniel Bryan winning it.

Kane defeated Luke Harper, with run ins by Bray Wyatt and Erick Rowan.

AJ Lee retains Divas title over Kaitlyn by submission.

R-Truth defeats Ryback by pinfall.

RVD, Mark Henry, and Christain defeat The Shield by pinfall.

Dolph Ziggler defeats Big E. Langston w/AJ Lee in a no DQ match by pinfall.

CM Punk defeats Curtis Axel w/ Paul Heyman by Pinfall.

Daniel Bryan defeats Alberto Del Rio by DQ.

From Joe Bukowski:

Brad Maddox comes out and explains John Cena is not wrestling due to injury. Offers fans the opportunity to leave during the first two matches.. Instead has impromptu battle royal where the winner will face Alberto Del Rio in the main event. Rob Van Dam, The Shield, Christian, Mark Henry, R-Truth, Ziggler, Big E, Ryback and Daniel Bryan. Shield teams up to clean house, RVD had some nice spots, eliminated during rolling thunder. Daniel Bryan wins by eliminating ryback via skinning the cat - big pop for Bryan all the way through. A ton of "yes" chants.

Kane def. Bray Wyatt after DQ run in by the Wyatt Family. Kane chokeslams everyone. Good reaction for Kane, people really dug the Wyatt gimmick

Paul heyman video promo w. Curtis axle.; Huge pop for punk mentions

Fans vote big e v. Ziggler obvious set up for no DQ

AJ def Kaitlin via Black Widow lock. Divas match OK pop for Kaitlyn huge pop for aj. Pretty gross looking backbreaker by Kaitlyn. Lots of false finishes. Decent match aj wins with black widow (?) Hold forces tap. Winner: AJ. Crowd all over AJ all match - generally well received.

Truth Def Ryback:. Big heat on ryback. People chant "bone saw".. some get the Spider Man reference. All enjoy it. Ryback dominates goes for finisher misses and r truth wins via quick roll up. Crowd pops huge no one sees it coming. Huge heat on ryback leaving.

Big E video promo about dolf.. almost no reaction.

christian rvd mark henry DEF. The Shield. Shield huge heat beating on Christians peeps gimmick, Roman Reigns pantomimes using a telescope and a monocle. Henry gets hot tagged cleans house. When match slows down, lots of distraction causes triple team lots of blind ref work on RVD. Henry hot tag cleans house again. Everyone enters the ring. Everyone hits a finisher. Rvd frog splash on Ambrose for the win.

Dolph def. Big E. Lots and lots of false finishes. No DQ kendo stick used by both. Big E cant pin dolph gets frustrated grabs chair. Huge corner/chair bump for ziggler. Still a 2 count. AJ interference hits Dolph with kendo stick, another 2 count. Aj flips and gets ejected. During this theres a zig zag counter out of nowhere for win. Winner: Dolph Ziggler

CM Punk def. Curtis Axel. Before match Paul Heyman comes out trying to cut a promo about how this match will not be for the title as Curtis Axle will not defend such a prestigious title in Oregon. The entire promo is interrupted numerous times as there was serious heat on Heyman throughout it. Pretty standard match otherwise as we've seen for weeks in which Punk gets ahead and his attempt to get Paul Heyman slow him down. Eventually punk hits the Flying Elbow after a couple attempts. Punk locks in anaconda vice, but heyman distracts ref. Finish occurs when Axle goes for his finisher but is rolled up by Punk for the win. After the match, Punk gets Heyman in the ring but is interrupted by Axle. Punk throws Heyman and hits GTS on Axle. Crowd pops huge. This match did a really good job of telling a story that casual fans could understand. Punk wants to kill Paul, it costs him his opportunities to win matches, but he's crafty enough to use it to outsmart his opponent.

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