Reddit user Dolphins1925, who has gotten a lot of media recently for posting WWE pay-per-view results before the show went on the air, stated on his Reddit account tonight that WWE personnel are out to make sure he doesn't go undefeated tonight. He wrote:

"First and foremost, I want to make it clear that this has been my only account, and my only user name that I have ever posted on. I am not on any social media. I don't post on any other forums, and I have never revealed myself to anyone. The rumors claiming that I have been caught by WWE are totally false. I have not contacted the WWE in any way and my identity is well protected.

"From the information I have received, WWE Personnel will do anything to ensure I do not go undefeated again. It is my understanding that some of the matches on tonight's card have multiple scripts, including the MAIN EVENT, which to my knowledge, Vince changed on a whim TODAY. Therefore, it would be fruitless and deceiving to post all spoilers to an event where the outcomes have otherwise not yet been fully revealed.

"I am still in communication with my source; and if I am able to receive credible information regarding match outcomes, I will post them on my newly created twitter account @dolphinsreddit as well as on this thread to anyone who is interested."

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