WWE SummerSlam: Daniel Bryan Vs. John Cena (WWE Title Match)

WWE SummerSlam: Daniel Bryan Vs. John Cena (WWE Title Match)
- We go backstage to SummerSlam host The Miz. Fandango and Summer Rae come dancing in again. I believe Miz lays Fandango out.

- We go back to the panelists. HBK predicts Bryan will win. Vickie and Booker also pick Bryan to win. HBK says it has been a phenomenal show and thanks them for the Punk vs. Lesnar match.

- They air one last promo for tonight's main event.

WWE Title Match: Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena

We go to the ring and out first comes tonight's special referee, Triple H. Daniel Bryan is out next to a big pop from the crowd. Out next comes WWE Champion John Cena to a mixed reaction. We get official ring introductions before the bell.

They lock up and Bryan grabs the arm. They trade holds and Cena takes Bryan down with a headlock. They trade holds again before locking back up. They lock up and Cena takes Bryan to the mat with 1 counts. Bryan bridges and Cena keeps him down. More back and forth. Bryan goes for the Yes Lock early on and Cena slides out to the floor. Cena whispers to the ringside doctor about his elbow. Cena comes back in and applies another headlock as some fans boo. Another headlock takedown. They run the ropes and Cena catches Bryan and pins him for 2. They trade more holds and pin attempts here.

Bryan goes for the surfboard submission but Cena fights out. Cena looks to go for an Attitude Adjustment but Bryan grabs the rope and lands on the apron. Cena runs the ropes and sends Bryan flying into the announcers table. Bryan hits hard and fans boo Cena. A "you can't wrestle" chant starts up. Bryan sends Cena into the steel steps. Bryan goes for a suplex off the top of the steel steps but Cena DDT's him on the floor. A "you still suck" chant starts now. They come back in the ring and Cena overpowers Bryan. Cena with more offense and a powerbomb. Cena covers for a 2 count. Cena with another headlock on the mat. Bryan fights up and out with forearm shots. Fans chant yes as Bryan unloads on Cena in the corner. Cena tries to come back but Bryan hits a clothesline off the ropes. Bryan with kicks to the chest while Cena is on his knees now.

Cena ducks the last kick and hits a shoulder tackle. Cena with some of his usual moves. Bryan kicks him and blocks the Five Knuckle Shuffle. More back and forth. Cena comes back with a big slam and this time hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Bryan lands on one of his feet out of an Attitude Adjustment. He hits Cena in the chin and he goes down. Bryan goes to the top and nails a missile dropkick for a 2 count. Cena has a nice shiner popping up now. Bryan with kicks to the arm. Bryan yells at Cena to get up, then hits him with more kicks. Bryan works on the injured elbow now. Bryan with more big kicks to Cena and more yelling to get up. Cena counters and goes for a STF. Bryan blocks it and applies Cena's own hold on him. Bryan pulls Cena back from the rope but isntead nails a back suplex for 2. Bryan with another German for another 2 count. Cena goes for another AA but Bryan slides out and applies the Yes Lock.

Cena gets out and we get the dueling chants from the crowd. Bryan with another submission that brings Cena back to the mat. Cena powers to his feet and rams Bryan back into the corner. Bryan is still hanging on with the move locked in. Cena breaks it by flipping Bryan back into the corner. Cena goes for an AA and nails it out of nowhere. Bryan kicks out at 2. Cena goes to the top as the fans boo him. Bryan cuts him off and climbs up. Cena shoves him off to the mat. Bryan runs back up and decks Cena but Cena shoves him right back to the mat. Bryan runs up and dropkicks Cena this time. Cena is still sitting on the top. Bryan climbs back up and hits a superplex. Bryan hangs on to the corner and starts powering up. He did that not to absorbe the impact of the superplex. Bryan stands up on the top and nails the big headbutt for a 2 count. Cena rolls out to the floor. Bryan runs the ropes for a suicide dive but Cena knocks him out of mid-air with a forearm shot. Cena climbs to the top and nails the big leg drop for another 2 count.

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