WWE Monday Night RAW Results - Randy Orton's Coronation, SummerSlam Fallout, More

WWE Monday Night RAW Results - Randy Orton's Coronation, SummerSlam Fallout, More

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- Tonight's WWE RAW opens up with a look back at CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar from SummerSlam. We also get a look at the Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena WWE Title match and Randy Orton cashing in after Triple H turns.

- We're live from the Honda Center in Anaheim, California as Michael Cole welcomes us. We go to the ring and out comes John Cena to a very mixed reaction.

Cena says he is disgusted about what happened at SummerSlam. A "Cena sucks" chant breaks out. Cena talks about Daniel Bryan now. Cena says two weeks ago, WWE medical staff told him the giant ball of fluid on his elbow was the result of a torn tricep. Cena says they wanted to cancel the match at SummerSlam but he used. Cena says he isn't using this as an excuse. He admits he was beaten by a better man in a clean fight. Cena says all he wanted was a clean fight. Cena says he's not putting surgery off, he's leaving WWE. Fans cheer and Cena cracks a smile. Cena says he will miss all this. He starts praising Daniel Bryan and introduces him. Bryan comes out to a huge pop. Before he can speak,here comes Stephanie McMahon.

Stephanie is met with boos. She says Bryan earned the right to become WWE Champion last night and she's sorry. She says Bryan didn't deserve what happened but her husband Triple H did what's best for business. A "no" chant breaks out. Bryan says he expected something like that from Stephanie or Vince McMahon, but not Triple H. Bryan says it must be true that when you lie down with trash, sooner or later you start to stink. Stephanie says she knows Bryan is upset so she will let that slide. Bryan mocks her and asks if she's going to fire him. Bryan says he will go back to wrestling in armories and selling t-shirts in his car because he's not afraid of getting fired. Bryan says but before he leaves, he's going to get his money worth. Bryan says he will get either Randy Orton or Triple H and give Stephanie a real reason to fire him. Stephanie says nobody wants to fire Bryan. She and Triple H believe Bryan is of value but not everyone can be the face of the company, not everyone can be WWE Championship material. She mocks his height and weight, and his looks. Stephanie talks down to Bryan and says he might not be an A, but he's a B+... a solid B+. Bryan says she is reminding him of a word that starts with the letter B right now. A "b---h" chant barely starts up from the crowd. Bryan says he doesn't have to accept what happened and just move on. Bryan says he can be WWE Champion and he doesn't care what Stephanie thinks. She suggests he calms down and he knocks the microphone out of his hand. She asks for another. Stephanie gets upset and tells Bryan to calm down. She refuses to be disrespected by him and calls for security. Stephanie says Bryan is forcing her hand. She asks security to escort Bryan out of the building. Stephanie says Bryan has no one to blame but himself. Fans chant his name. Bryan leaves the ring and security follows. Bryan turns around on the ramp and looks back at Stephanie before getting a "no" chant going. We go to commercial.

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