Matt Striker Tries To Impress ROH Executive, Detailed Report For ROH Manhattan Mayhem V, More

- reader Brandon Lewis spoke with several ROH talent following last Saturday's ROH "Manhattan Mayhem V" event. In the video above, Matt Striker tries to impress ROH Vice President of Talent Relations Prince Nana. You can also check out more interviews with Homicide, Kevin Steen, Michael Elgin and Adam Cole at this link.

- reader Jason Sender sent the following report for last Saturday's ROH "Manhattan Mayhem V" event:

I was at the Ring of Honor Manhattan Mayhem V show on Saturday. It was CRAZY and produced some of the best wrestling matches I've seen in awhile. The crowd was extremely hot and the performers all worked with that.

On commentary, Prince Nana, who was also announced as the new talent scout for ROH, joined Kevin Kelly. Interesting note: When I wrote a recap for Smackdown in Long Island for this website, I took the train back to Manhattan with Prince Nana. He's a cool guy and I'm happy for him.

Silas Young def. Adam Page

This was a fun opening match that got the already-hot crowd riled up and ready to go. Young played the part of the heel really well by shot-blocking as many streamers as he could back into the crowd. The rookie, Page, had the crowd solidly behind him which is impressive given the smarkiness of NYC fans. Both men exchanged numerous chops throughout the match. Ending came when Young did a springboard moonsault off the top turnbuckle to the rope and then down onto Page. The move looked nasty in person.

In between matches, Steve Corino came out to try and join Kelly and Nana on commentary. Security made him leave despite the rather loud "Let him stay!" chants from the audience.

C+C Wrestle Factory (Caprice Coleman + Cedric Alexander) def. Adrenaline Rush (ACH + TaDarius Thomas)

This was a very exciting match that got great reactions form the crowd. Tag team turmoil rules were in effect which meant that the guys could tag in their partners just by exiting the ring. ACH was the HUGE fan favorite and caused the first "Holy s--t" stand-up-and-clap moment when he delivered a ridiculous running vault over the ropes to the C+C on the outside. C+C got the win when Coleman landed a nasty-looking springboard huricanrana on TD followed by a frogsplash from Alexander. With WWE looking for some new African American babyfaces, I can't help but wonder why guys like ACH haven't been signed yet? This match was awesome.

Matt Taven (w/ House of Truth) def. Mike Mondo

This was an ok match in which Truth Martini and Scarlett Bourdeaux were probably more over than the guys in the ring. Mondo is looking decent coming off his injury, however, he kept getting wedgies which reminded me of how PG the WWE has became as of late. Taven is a good in-ring worker but doesn't bring the charisma that a lot of the other guys on the roster bring. Spot of the match goes to one of the Hoopla Hotties in nailed a textbook huricanrana to Mondo while the ref was distracted. There were numerous false finishes and Truth kept getting involved. He's such a good manager and could work in WWE if they knew how to use him. Taven got the win with a frog splash.

Forever Hooligans (Alex Koslov + Rocky Romero) def. The Young Bucks (Nick Jackson + Matt Jackson)

This was cruiserweight tag team action at its best. The Young Bucks were massively over with the crowd, however, Koslov was the real workhorse he delivered numerous awesome spots and also sold like a champ. Highlight moment came when Romero kept getting in Koslov's way causing them to almost fight but ultimately, hug it out. Koslov's Russian dance kicks to the face of one of the Bucks were hilarious and are pretty nasty in person. One of the Bucks even tried doing the same to Koslov. Bucks delivered a vicious springboard piledriver to Koslov at one point. It made me cringe.The match ended when Koslov carried a Buck on his shoulder, tosses him in the air, and caught him back in a torture rack. Romero then landed a springboard knee off the top rope for the win. Forever Hooligans should be in WWE.

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