has an interview with Wade Barrett, who was promoting this Monday's RAW at the US Airways Center in Phoenix, AZ. Here are just a couple of highlights:

If he would want to become a babyface: "I've spent 99 percent of my career being the bad guy, and I've always kind of enjoyed that. Sometimes it goes well, and you are at the peak and the highlight of the show. Other times you're more of a background character. I have an open mind, and I don't know where I'll be further down the road."

How much input he has in his angles: "You have some influence. If you're an actor in a film, you can use some leeway and exert some creative influence, but you're controlled by writers. With our story lines, we get our kind of creative influence on them. That's something I enjoy, twisting things my way."

Barrett also discussed how big WWE is in Britain, his degree, getting more tattoos, distinguishing himself from his WWE persona and more. You can read the whole interview here.

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