TNA Impact Results: Who's Gone From TNA?, AJ Styles Reveal, Austin Aries Joins...

Winner by pin: Gail Kim

- Jeff Hardy cuts a produced promo about winning the BFG Series. He says it was one of the most important wins for him after all he had been through. He says this year he is fighting for his daughter.

- Austin Aries comments on his actions in the back and he says everything is cool. He says he can play mind games too. He says he needs nobody's help. He doesn't need Dixie thinking he is gorgeous. All he needs is his God-given ability.

- Hulk Hogan returns next week.

- We go to an update on Chris Sabin. Sabin comments after his loss. He says he is confused and that Bully is the master of manipulation. He says MEM said they had his back. He can't believe it but he says he will be back.

- Aces & 8's come to the ring. The Main Event Mafia follow. Anderson grabs a mic and welcomes Bully Ray out to watch history. Bully Ray comes out with Tito Ortiz and Miss Tessmacher. He sits on a chair on the stage with Brooke on his lap. Anderson tells MEM to pick someone to just lay down. We get an obvious edit and Sting says nobody is laying down and if MEM is going down, they are going down fighting.

The lights go out and AJ Styles' music hits. He walks past Bully on the ramp and stops as his music stops. His old music hits and he gets animated as the crowd erupts. AJ jumps in the ring and the brawl begins.

The Main Event Mafia & AJ Styles vs. Aces & 8's

Everybody pairs up on the floor. AJ and Anderson get in the ring and AJ takes him out with a dropkick. Magnus enters the ring and catches Wes Brisco and drops him in a slam. Bully looks on from the stage. Everyone takes their places on the apron and Joe tags in and unloads on Wes in the corner. Wes gets away and tags Garett. AJ tags in also and hits a backbreaker across his knee as we go to break.

We're back as Magnus gets taken apart by Knux in enemy corner. Aces & 8's keep Magnus isolated and take turns. Devon tags in and drops a big leg on Magnus and gets "Devon Sucks" chants. Magnus works his way up but Devon takes him out with a spear. Knux tags back in and comes off the 2nd buckle with a legdrop on Magnus for 2. Magnus creates some space with a DDT and makes the hot tag to Sting. Sting hits 2 Stinger Splashes on Knux in the corner. All 10 men get in the ring and all hell breaks loose. Rampage gets in the ring and knocks all the Aces & 8's down one by one as they run up to attack.

Sting his Knux with a Scorpion Death Drop and puts him in the Scorpion Deathlock but Devon breaks it. Knux covers Sting for 2. Devon tags in and unloads on Sting in the corner. Sting tags AJ who flies in the ring and cleans house of all opponents on the apron. AJ gets attacked by Aces & 8's which brings in MEM again. AJ hits a Pele on Anderson and the Styles Clash on Devon for the win.

Winners by pin: The Main Event Mafia

- Bully sells shock on the stage. Devon is fired. Taz is beside himself and says he is appealing this. MEM celebrate in the ring.

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