Ric Flair appeared on the latest episode of The Steve Austin Show, which was taped the day after the memorable WWE 2K14 panel where Flair took over and spent the last 20 - 25 minutes telling stories. Flair noted on the podcast that WWE was upset by his behavior.

"They just told me to entertain them, and I did," Flair said. "Apparently it wasn't received the way it was supposed to be. The people running the game loved it. The problem is that corporate WWE is mad at me, which upsets me because I love the company and respect them so much. I guess we just drifted, and I told stories because they wanted the focus of the evening to be on the game. Everybody at the game was happy with it.

"I had appeared for them in the afternoon, I did a great deal for them and that came off wonderfully. I don't know… I'm dumbfounded by this."

You can download part one of Flair's appearance at this link, it's definitely worth a listen. During the episode, Flair discussed breaking into the business, being involved in the deadly plane crash that broke his back, working with Ricky Steamboat, Bruiser Brody's murder and much more. Part two of the podcast will be available soon.

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