Re-Post: TNA Impact Results With Video

- A recap package kicks us off.

- We cut to Tito Ortiz in the back with Bully Ray. Bully is on the phone with "Brooke" and he tells her that the world will find out the truth tonight. Mr. Anderson approaches Tito and Bully and says he didn't know anything about this. Bully says it is club business and that Tito is with him. Bully tells Anderson to worry about earning his stripes.

- Bobby Roode, Daniels & Kazarian come to the ring. Roode congratulates Bully for winning the title again. He tells him that he now has a target on his chest. Roode says the 3 of them will do anything to take it from Bully. Roode says he is now in 2nd place in the Bound for Glory Series. Kazarian and Daniels chime in. Roode says they are 25% of the BFG but they want to be one-third. Roode looks into the camera and tells Austin Aries that he can trust them.

James Storm & Gunner interrupt and come to the ring. Storm says he knows Roode and he trusted him. He tells Daniels & Kaz that it is not if, but when Roode will turn on them. Storm drops his catchphrases and talks about beer. Storm says since they are all in jeans, he is going to get his gear on; he goes in the corner to remove his hat, shirt, and watch; he takes a swig of beer and clocks Roode. Gunner takes care of Kaz & Daniels over the top and the bell rings.

Bobby Roode & Kazarian vs. Storm & Gunner

The ref sends Daniels to the back and we are underway but take a commercial. We're back as Roode works Gunner over in the ring. Kaz tags in and continues the offense. He hits a spinning kick for 2. Roode tags back in and resumes stomping Gunner and hits a suplex and drops a knee for 2. More quick tags from Roode and Kaz. Kaz drops a leaping legdrop for 2. Kaz slaps Gunner around. Gunner comes back and no-sells Kaz then drops him in a vicious backbreaker. Roode and Storm come in off the hot tag and Storm goes on a flurry and takes care of Kaz too. Storm hits Kaz with a boot to the back of the head and comes off the top with an elbow on Roode but Kaz breaks the count. Gunner takes Kaz out to the floor. Storm hits the knees to the chest to Roode and calls for the end. Roode gets up and shoves the ref in the way of a Last Call but Storm stops. Storm hits the Last Call on Kaz; Roode hits a low-blow behind the ref and hooks the pants to pin Storm.

Winners by pin: Bobby Roode & Kazarian

- Austin Aries cuts a backstage promo about the BFG Series and being asked to join the Main Event Mafia and Roode's new crew. He talks about trust and strength in numbers. He says that at the end of the night, we may have his answer.

Sonjay Dutt vs. Manik

Manik charges right at the ring from the ramp and they start flying around the ring. Dutt drops Manik and gets 2. Tenay starts promoting house shows and Bellator which totally takes away from the action. Manik hits a dropkick from the apron and another springboard dropkick for 2. The action is considerably slow. Manik hits a sit-down powerbomb for 2. The crowd is silent. Dutt hits a running kick in the corner and hits a springboard splash for 2. Dutt goes up top but Manik avoids the moonsault. Manik drops Dutt across his knees for the win.

Winner by pin: Manik

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