Re-Post: TNA Impact Results With Video

- In the back, Devon asks Anderson what his brother said. Anderson says he said to stay focused. They get hyped for their match and all take a drink.

- The Main Event Mafia are seen plotting and strategizing in their locker room. Tenay sells the fact that they still need a partner to even up the odds.

BFG Street Fight (20 Points): Daniels vs. Joseph Park w/ Eric Young vs. Hernandez vs. Jay Bradley

All four men go at it in the ring. There are signs, trash cans, and sticks, etc. at the entrance. Jay goes to the stage and retrieves a chair to break a count of Hernandez pinning Daniels. Park and Hernandez come back and work together with power moves on Jay and Daniels. Park and Hernandez take turns sending each other into the corner with splashes on both men at the same time.

Back from a commercial as Roode and Kazarian walk toward the ring. We go right back to commercial. Hernandez takes a stick from Daniels on the ramp and drills him with it. Daniels hits a back bodydrop on Hernandez on the steel ramp. Park and Bradley mix it up in the ring. Jay swings with a chair but Park puts him in the Boston Crab. Roode and Kazarian get on the apron and Park breaks the hold. Roode sends Park into the steps and Eric Young comes over to help out but he gets laid out by Kazarian and Roode. Bradley hits a low-blow to Daniels in the ring and hits him in the back with the chair. Bradley drops Daniels on the chair but Roode and Kaz pull him on the floor and stomp him.

Hernandez hits Air Mexico from out of nowhere to Daniels in the ring and goes on a rampage. Austin Aries gets in the ring and distracts Hernandez and slaps hands with Roode and Kaz on the apron but then hits the Brain Buster to Daniels in the ring. Roode chases Aries to the back as the crowd chants "Yes." Bradley hits Park with brass knuckles in the face. Park sees blood from his mouth and he looses it. Park drops Bradley in the Black Hole Slam and gets the win.

Winner of 20 points by pin: Joseph Park

- Sting addresses the MEM in the locker room. He says last week was a bad week. He is fired up about being one man short. Rampage says when he sees Tito, he will break his face. Magnus acts as the voice of reason and he says they don't need somebody to "step up." He says they are the elite and they should step up. Samoa Joe agrees and says they have all they need right here.

- A video package runs of the Bully-Brooke Saga.

- Bully Ray comes to the ring with Tito Ortiz. He asks the crowd if they are pissed off and how it feels to be suckered again. Tito has the hammer tucked in his back pocket. Bully says he doesn't even recognize Chris Sabin's title reign as begin legit. He gives the mic to Tito Ortiz. Ortiz tells Rampage he should have known. He says he will knock him out on November 2. The crowd chants that he sold out. Bully says he is about to expose another secret. He invites the "love of his life" to get down here. Brooke Hogan's music hits...

Brooke "Miss" Tessmacher comes to the ring. She looks good in black. She shares a big, wet kiss with Bully in the ring. Bully says now he has the hot Brooke with him and with Tito and Taz, he can never be stopped. Tessmacher pulls his wedding ring off with her mouth and spits it out.

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