Re-Post: WWE SmackDown Results With Video

- A SummerSlam still-package and the fallout from RAW kicks us off.

- The opening package runs and we go right to General Manager Vickie Guerrero in the ring. She welcomes the new WWE Champion Randy Orton to the ring. Vickie goes for a hug on her way up the ramp but Randy stares at her and she settles for a hand shake. The lights stay down as Randy begins to talk. He say as our champion, he promises to give us what we want and what we deserve. He says he told us that none of us would see it coming. He says he didn't know that Triple H was going to Pedigree Daniel Bryan and he did not need his help but he couldn't resist the situation. Randy asks the fans for their support but they say "No." Randy points to his face and says it is the face of the WWE.

Daniel Bryan's music hits and he comes down to a raucous ovation. Bryan wants to finish what he was going to say on RAW before being interrupted by Stephanie McMahon. He thanks John Cena for giving him the opportunity and wrestling him with an injured elbow. Bryan turns to Orton and says it is "time for that face to change." The crowd voices their approval. Bryan talks about how pretty Orton is. Orton "toughens up." Bryan says it makes him want to kick Orton in the face. Bryan says he had to wrestle in dirty high school gyms to get where he is. He says he is not tall or pretty but he can wrestle and beat Randy for the World Title. Bryan wants his rematch tonight. He starts to "Yes" with the crowd.

Randy calls him short-stuff and says he has to wait for Night of Champions. Orton walks up to Bryan and raises his title. As he goes to leave, he tries an RKO but Bryan blocks it and knocks Randy out of the ring with a dropkick. Randy sells getting back in but retreats up the ramp. Bryan leads the crowd in a "Yes" chant.

- Vickie is mad on her phone about the last segment. She wants somebody to "teach that little troll a lesson." Wade Barrett comes into the shot and proposes that he face Bryan so he doesn't make it to his rematch. Vickie makes a steel cage match between Bryan and Barrett for later tonight.

Curtis Axel vs. Cody Rhodes

Axel goes to work with strikes in the corner but Cody comes back and they trade holds in the center. Axel lands a dropkick. Cody springs off the top ropes for his own dropkick. Axel takes the advantage on the floor as he rams Cody into the apron.

Back from a break as Axel works Cody over in the ring. Axel misses with an elbow off the 2nd buckle. Cody misses with a Disaster Kick and they go back and forth. The crowd chants for CM Punk. Cody goes up top but Heyman gets on the steps and causes the distraction. Axel drops Cody face first on the canvas for the win.

Winner by pin: Curtis Axel

Heyman joins Axel in the ring with his arm in a sling. He says he is in agony at the actions of CM Punk. He says it isn't just physical, but emotional distress because his former friend has become a loser. He says Punk is lost without him. Heyman says with him, Axel has found himself and nobody can defeat him for the Intercontinental Championship. He hands Axel the mic who says Punk doesn't deserve it but he challenges him to a title match for RAW this Monday.

- AJ Lee skips her way to the ring. Big E Langston makes his entrance. Dolph Ziggler is out next.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Big E Langston

Langston attacks Ziggler from behind and unloads on him. The ref has to hold him back. The bell rings and Big E goes right back to work. He tosses Dolph in the air and gets 2. Big E with a reverse headlock on the mat. Ziggler gets out and sends Big E to the post and then delivers a splash. Neckbreaker and dropkick from Ziggler. Ziggler hits a face-plant for 2. AJ punches Ziggler in the face from the floor and Big E hits a clothesline for 2. Ziggler counters the Big Ending into the Zig Zag for the win.

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