Re-Post: WWE SmackDown Results With Video

- A steel cage lowers from the ceiling as we go to a commercial.

- A vignette runs for Los Matadores.

- Lilian Garcia introduces the cage match. You win by pin, submission, or escape. Daniel Bryan makes his entrance. Wade Barrett is out next.

Steel Cage: Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett

They lock up and jockey for position. Bryan unloads with Yes Kicks in the corner then goes up for mounted shots. Wade kicks him off and punts him in the head. Barrett sends Bryan face-first into the steel for 2. Bryan moves and Barrett goes hard into the steel. Bryan flips off the top, over Barrett he is caught in a hard side slam. Barrett is in control as we go to commercial.

We're back to action with Barrett still in firm control. Bryan repeatedly slams Barrett's head into the steel and he delivers 3 consecutive dropkicks which makes the crowd erupt. Bryan tries to escape through the top but Barrett stops him. Bryan leaps off the top with a front dropkick for 2. Bryan unloads with Yes Kicks. Barrett ducks the last one and sends Bryan into the cage and takes his head off with a clothesline for 2. Barrett pulls Bryan from the top again for another near fall. Barrett starts to climb the cage but Bryan grabs his leg, Barrett knocks Bryan to the mat but Bryan goes right back up. Barrett straddles the cage. Bryan pulls him back inside. Bryan hits Yes Kicks up high. Bryan hits a powerbomb from the top rope. Bryan hits a running knee for the win.

Winner by pin: Daniel Bryan

Bryan celebrates around the ring with Yes chants. Randy Orton appears from under the ring and hits Bryan with an RKO from out of nowhere. Orton raises the title over his head as he stands over Bryan.

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