Impact Wrestling Review: AJ Styles - Back To Normal, Devon - Sayonara

(Speaking of Tazz—his commentary during the Knockouts match was absolutely horrible.)

Main Event Mafia vs. Aces and Eights was a good match for what is was worth. An all-out brawl, that helped the minimal wrestling skills that Rampage Jackson has (Did you see his arsenal? Body punch, body punch, throw opponent out of ring, repeat).

AJ Styles being the fifth member only made sense, seeing how he is as close to Kurt Angle as TNA can get right now. I just feel that his "No One" gimmick could have went much further, but it surely does not seen as if this sudden face turn was the original plan. Now, back to "P1." Devon being the choice to lose was a bit surprising, as Knux would have been my first choice. However, Devon was not doing much anyways, so he will not be missed much.

By the way—the video theme song above is a tribute to what could have been, but never will be. Goodbye Lone Wolf AJ Styles gimmick.

Sound off with your Hardcore Justice (part 2) thoughts below.

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