More From Goldberg: Speaking With WWE, WM30, Project With Austin, Lesnar, Injuring Bret Hart, HOF

Turning heel in WCW: "It was hard for me to turn bad guy that one night [in WCW]. Because I like to be someone that the kids can look up to. The reality is, it's a fictional business. And sometimes that isn't always the case. Sometimes business wise, that's not the smartest thing to do. That's why a lot of people don't like me and the way I treated my character. The night that I turned bad they had me go against Hacksaw [Jim Duggan], he has just came back from cancer. I had a Make-A-Wish kid in the back. She had no clue as to the 'stageness' of what we were doing, so therefore she took it to heart, she was balling when I got back to the room. So the next day I told them we were going back. Is that a good business thing? No. But sometimes there's things much more important than business.

"So if I ever leave a legacy... when I'm gone, and people think about Goldberg and the difference that he made in wrestling. They talk about John Cena and all the Make-A-Wish's that he's done. That's what I want them to remember about me. Because I made a difference with the kids. The kids are our future, and there's nothing more important than putting a smile on their face."

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