Views From The Turnbuckle: Hulk Hogan's Presence In TNA And The Impact He Has On The Company

Hogan's actual role in TNA is still somewhat of a mystery. On screen he is the GM of Impact, and some fans think that is just what he is, an on-screen character. I don't know for sure, but I have a feeling that he has much more clout than that. Dixie Carter and TNA brought Hogan in not just to be on-screen but to hopefully learn from him and the secrets of how to be a successful wrestling company. After all, Hogan was the man involved in two different wrestling companies' ascension to record heights. Hogan most certainly has creative control, which as evident in WCW, can really handicap what TNA can do. He had enough power to try and get Bubba the Love Sponge a gig, got the freaking Nasty Boys hired and, until recently, got his daughter a starring role on Impact.

Hogan has been blamed by fans for, in their opinions, the downgrade in the quality of Impact over the last few years. I don't think that that is necessarily fair, as Hogan, as politically savvy as he is, cannot control everything that TNA does. I personally don't think Hogan is helping matters, but he is certainly far from TNA's only issue right now.

Another hotly debated topic is just what the fans think of Hogan right now in TNA. A trip on any wrestling site or message board will tell you that a majority of the hardcore fans have a severe dislike for Hogan. But is that really a good indicator of what the typical fan thinks? After all, Hogan always gets one of the biggest pops from the live crowds whenever he comes out.

One thing I would like to point out is that Dixie Carter recently started a little campaign on twitter called "#AskDixie" where she would answer your questions about TNA. I think looking at this is a good indicator of what the typical fan thinks about TNA, as in this day and age, everyone from the hardcore to casual fan has a twitter account. The responses in "#AskDixie" are overwhelmingly negative against Hogan, with very little support for his time in TNA. If you don't believe me, go on twitter right now and search "#AskDixie" and read all the tweets for yourselves, but be careful, the results are not pretty.

According to reports, Hulk Hogan's contract is expiring in the upcoming months. TNA has recently experimented with keeping Hogan off of TV in a cost cutting measure, so it appears they are straining under the cost of his contract. TNA will have to make a decision soon about Hogan, and if his contract does not get renewed, expect to see some serious changes in TNA.

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