WWE NXT Recap: New Challenger For Bo Dallas, EMMA Vs. Summer Rae, Neville Vs. O'Brian, More

Zayn says that things are getting ridiculous. He tells Colter to tell Cesaro that after he beats Dallas and becomes the new NXT Champion, he is going to do everything he can to get Colter and Cesaro deported back to hell where they belong. Colter says he offered him the easy way, but he chose the hard way. Swagger then attacks Zayn from behind. Zayn tries to battle back, but Swagger hits a gut wrench powerbomb. They place their flag on Zayn and stand above him.

Then, a video is shown of SummerSlam Axxess and all the NXT matches and stuff there.

Adrian Neville vs. Conor O'Brian (with Rick Victor)

They tie up and Conor shoves Neville across the ring. Neville tries to lock in a waist lock, but gets slung across the ring again. Neville dodges Conor and hits a crossbody from up top. Conor tosses him onto the ropes and then hits a running kick. Back from commercial and Conor charges Neville in the corner. Neville moves. He hits Conor in the body and lands several kicks. He takes out Conor's knees and dropkicks him in the head. Conor sends Neville out of the ring, but Neville immediately pops back up and leaps off the turnbuckle. Conor catches him and hits a flapjack for a near pin fall.

Conor whips Neville into the corner and charges. Neville moves again and hits a backdrop. He pulls Conor towards the corner and goes up top. He leaps off and hits the corkscrew shooting star press for the win.

Winner: Adrian Neville

Victor attacks Neville after the win. The Ascension both then stomp him. Conor punches him in the face as Victor kicks him. Graves then comes out with his midsection bandaged up. He tries to save Neville, but the Ascension easily over come him. They hit Graves with their corkscrew flying forearm/sweep kick combo. The Ascension then pose with Graves's tag title to end the show.

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