- According to PWInsider.com, a trial date of March 31st, 2014, has been set in the pending lawsuit between TNA Wrestling and former TNA star Scott Steiner. A pre-trial meeting will take place on March 14th, 2014, in Nashville, Tennessee.

The trial stems from TNA suing Steiner back in 2012 for defamation of character, following numerous Twitter rants by Steiner directed at Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, Brooke Hogan and other TNA personalities. TNA also claimed that Steiner was in breach of his TNA contract. Steiner then counter-sued TNA in September of 2012 for breach of contract.

- Below are the final standings going into tonight's "Must Win Thursday" edition of Impact.

1. Magnus - 39 pts
2. Bobby Roode - 34 pts
3. Chris Daniels - 30 pts
4. Austin Aries - 28 pts
5. Samoa Joe - 26 pts
6. Ken Anderson - 24 pts
6. Jeff Hardy - 24 pts
8. AJ Styles - 22 pts
8. Kazarian - 22 pts
10. Joseph Park - 17 pts
11. Hernandez - 7 pts
12. Jay Bradley - 0 pts

Hardy, Aries, Daniels, Kazarian, Styles and Roode will all be in action tonight on Impact Wrestling, with a chance to move into the final four. Although things can certainly change, it appears Samoa Joe and Ken Anderson have been removed from contention at this time, as well as Joe Park, Supermex and Jay Bradley.

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