The Usos And Justin Gabriel vs. 3MB

Jey and Slater start things off. Jey gets a big shoulder knockdown. Jimmy comes in and chops Slater. Gabriel comes in and attacks Slater. Jey comes in and chases Slater to the outside. McIntyre tags himself in as they get back in the ring. He hits Jey with a dropkick. He stomps Jey in the corner. Mahal comes in and he and McIntyre double team Jey. Mahal gets a neckbreaker. He then locks in Jey's head on the mat. Jey fights to his feet and gets out. Mahal tags in McIntyre and Jey tags in Gabriel.

Gabriel gets a crossbody. He hits McIntyre with a shoulder knockdown and then a springboard moonsault. Mahal breaks up the pin attempt. Slater tries to interfere, and he and Mahal get tossed out by the Usos. Jimmy takes Mahal out with a dive and Jey takes Slater out with a dive. Gabriel hits McIntyre with a big tilt a whirl DDT and then the 450 splash for the win.

Winners: Justin Gabriel and The Usos

Then, a video highlighting CM Punk's match with Curtis Axel and their fight after is shown.

Then, Triple H giving Randy Orton the new vehicle is shown, followed by the tail end of his match against Christian and Bryan's defacement of the vehicle.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Antonio Cesaro (with Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger)

They lock up and Cesaro gets a shoulder knockdown. They tie up again and Cesaro gets another knockdown. Ziggler hits a dropkick. Cesaro backs Ziggler up against the ropes and hits a gut shot. Cesaro lands an uppercut. Ziggler gets a hip toss. Ziggler drops multiple elbows. Cesaro distracts the ref and Swagger clotheslines him from the apron. Cesaro stomps Ziggler. Cesaro tosses Ziggler behind him. He then locks Ziggler in a sleeper.

Ziggler fights out, but Cesaro lands a double boot stomp. Back from commercial and Cesaro hits an uppercut. Cesaro locks Ziggler's head in again. Ziggler fights out and gets a roll up attempt. He slams Cesaro's head to the mat. Cesaro charges Ziggler in the corner, but Ziggler puts an elbow up. Ziggler hits a DDT. Ziggler goes up top. Swagger distracts him and Cesaro moves the ropes, crotching Ziggler. Cesaro hits his deadlift superplex from the apron. He attempts the pin, but Ziggler reverses into a pin attempt.

Ziggler hits a dropkick. Ziggler attacks Cesaro in the corner and hits a neckbreaker for a near pin fall. Ziggler locks in a sleeper on Cesaro. Cesaro fights out. Swagger tries to interfere again, but Ziggler dropkicks him off the apron. Ziggler hits a leg drop bulldog for a near pin fall. Cesaro hits the European uppercut and the Neutralizer for the win.

Winner: Antonio Cesaro

Daniel Bryan's gauntlet match is then shown to end the show.

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