Re-Post: IMPACT Wrestling Results With Video

- Impact opens with a shot of Tessmacher's butt. She walks up to Bully Ray in the back and says, "You have this (the title) and this (her), how bad could anything be?" He grabs her hand and heads to the ring.

- We go to a recap of last week and then to crowd shots from Cleveland, OH. It is the final night of singles competition in the BFG Series.

- Bully Ray makes his entrance with Aces & 8's and Tito Ortiz. Bully cuts an in-ring promo and says he is in a really bad mood. He says someone is missing from the ring, Devon. He puts the mic in front of Garett and asks what happened. Garett says he wasn't that close to Devon but he is mad. Knux says he did his job. Wes says he doesn't know what happened. Mr. Anderson says he doesn't know either but Devon knew the consequences. He tells Bully that it is what it is. Bully says Devon has always been a disappointment and a loser. He says he never needed Devon. He points to Tito and says that is the only man he needs. Anderson looks somewhat disgusted. Bully says he wants to give Tito his own cut. Anderson takes exception and wants to put it to a vote. Bully puts him in his place. Bully calls Miss Tessmacher out to the ring.

Brooke comes out with an Aces & 8's cut. Bully goes to put it on Tito but Anderson gets in the way and shakes his finger at Bully. Bully backs Anderson into the corner and warns him to stay. Bully puts the vest on Tito and rips off Devon's patch. Bully says if anyone doesn't like it can get out. Bully says he heard his father-in-law is here tonight. The crowd chants for Hogan. Bully wants to introduce Hogan to the only Brooke that has mattered in his life.

- We go to another video of Jeff Hardy talking about the BFG Series. He calls for his Creatures to "mount up."

- Back from a commercial to a shot of Hulk Hogan walking in the building from earlier in the day.

- Magnus leads the BFG followed by Roode, Daniels, and Aries all with, at or above, 28 points. Joe rounds out the top 5 with 26.

BFG Series: Jeff Hardy vs. Kazarian

They both go to work with fast-paced pin attempts and reversals. Hardy sends Kaz to the floor with a head scissors and dives onto him. He rolls Kaz back in but Kaz hangs him out to dry on the ropes and pounds him on the mat. Kaz hits a leg lariat for 2. Kaz with a legdrop for 2. Hardy blocks a suplex and drops Kaz on his face. The ref counts them both; Kaz gets up first and they trade shots. Hardy hits the ropes and connects with a flying axe. Hardy applies a figure-4. Kaz reverses it, almost; he reaches the ropes to break the hold. Kaz reverses a Twist of Fate with a backslide for 2.

Hardy blocks Kaz from up top and hits the Twist. Hardy goes up and hits the Swanton Bomb for the win.

Winner of 7 points by pin: Jeff Hardy

- Aces & 8's, without Bully, complain amongst themselves in the back about Tito being "voted" in without them. Anderson says if this keeps up, they will have to make a vote that Bully won't be too happy about.

- Back from a break to footage of AJ Styles pinning Devon from last week.

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