Re-Post: IMPACT Wrestling Results With Video

- Hardy is now in 3rd place in the BFG.

Knockouts #1 Contenders Match (2 out of 3 Falls): Gail Kim vs. ODB

Gail goes for a quick takedown and gets about a 1. ODB overpowers her and hits a delayed vertical suplex for 2. Gail Kim drops ODB on her knee and goes to work with stomps. Kim continues to focus on the knee. Gail applies a modified Texas Cloverleaf and ODB taps.

Winner of first fall by submission: Gail Kim

We return from a commercial to the 2nd fall in progress. Kim is still working on the hurt leg of ODB with kicks. Back to commercial. OK, we are back for real now. Kim goes for the submission again but ODB rolls her up for a pin.

Winner of second fall by pin: ODB


Kim wastes no time going back to work. She applies a leglock around the post and the ref counts her off. ODB fights back up to a vertical base and gets 2. ODB's leg gives out and Gail takes the offense back. ODB grabs Kim and applies a modified Sharpshooter and Gail taps.

Winner by submission and New TNA Knockouts #1 Contender: ODB

- Velvet Sky gives her thoughts on the Knockouts Division in the back. She says she has had some personal issues with Chris Sabin which is why she was absent the past couple of weeks.

- Daniels complains to Roode in the back about Hogan coming back and throwing his weight around. Roode tells him to take care of Aries and Roode will take care of AJ. Daniels leaves to take care of it right now.

- Austin Aries gives JB and interview and references the Bel Biv Devoe song, Poison. He puts over AJ Styles. Aries is interrupted by Daniels who is mad why Aries didn't join The Gentlemen. Daniels says he will knock Aries on his a** flatter than Miley Cyrus' a**. They edit the "a- -" out of that last line. Aries says he will hit Daniels so hard, his hair will grow back.

- Hogan blows off the interviewer in the back from earlier in the day. He says everything will be explained later and that he has a big announcement.

- It's the top of the hour and we reset with video of AJ's face turn and Devon's departure.

- Samoa Joe leads out the Main Event Mafia. It's only him, Sting, and Rampage. Rampage takes the mic in his camouflage suit. He says he will not wait until their Bellator fight to get his hands on Tito. Samoa Joe takes the mic and says one man stepped up to the plate last week when the chips were down, AJ Styles. Sting is fired up and praises AJ and invites him to formally join MEM. Sting starts an AJ chant. AJ's heel music hits and he walks out in his hooded leather jacket. He stops, the music stops, and his face music hits and he "transforms."

AJ gets a thunderous response and he thanks MEM but says that he needs to do this himself. MEM leave the ring. AJ says he respects the MEM but he is not a suit and tie guy. AJ says he has developed trust issues over the past year. He says his friends turned their backs on him and the guys in the truck aired footage without asking him if it was true, all for "good (read: bad) television." He says he only trusts Allen Jones. He says he is with no one.

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