Re-Post: IMPACT Wrestling Results With Video

AJ says he is better than the Best in the World, he is the Phenomenal AJ Styles. Some people start to chant "You can't talk" or "CM Punk." It changes to "Yes" chants when he says this is just a job for him that just plain sucks. He says he has been shafted when he is the hardest working man in the building. He shouts to Mike Tenay and Dixie Carter that he deserves better. He says he has been the go-to guy for 11 years just to watch big starts being brought in and fail. He says he has carried the company on his shoulders when their "new direction" kept failing. AJ says he has learned to embrace being the go-to guy and make guys tap and send the fans home happy. He says he will win the BFG and go on to become the World Champion.

(This was easily AJ's best promo. He still isn't as polished as he needs to be and the promo dragged a little, but the intensity was there and he kept his southern accent under control for the most part. That will have to go if he is ever going to make it in WWE, if he ends up there. Or maybe it will work for him, who knows. Content-wise, he had the better "Pipebomb" of the week but the "other" AJ got him on delivery.)

Bobby Roode's music hits and he makes his entrance as we go to break.

BFG Series: Bobby Roode vs. AJ Styles

AJ goes for a calf killer quickly but Roode escapes to the outside to regroup. AJ hits a nice dropkick and Roode goes back to the floor. AJ hits a moonsault from the ramp and takes Roode out. AJ hits a backbreaker in the ring and applies a camel clutch. Roode gets out and his a spinebuster and starts putting the boots to AJ on the mat. Roode hits a nice suplex for 2. Styles comes back with his own spinebuster and springs into a moonsault but avoids the pin because he needs the points from a submission. AJ hits a Pele. AJ springs off the top rope but Roode pushes him off and transitions into a submission but AJ reverses into a calf killer. Roode reaches the ropes. AJ rolls Roode up for the pin.

Winner of 7 points by pin: AJ Styles

AJ is still below the red line with 29 points. Roode is at #2 with 34 points.

BFG Series: Austin Aries vs. Daniels

They lock up and Daniels puts on a clinic for 2. Aries rakes Daniels' chest and hits a Dusty Rhodes elbow, slaps Daniels in the back of the head and lounges on the ropes. Daniels escapes to the floor and avoids the contact from a baseball slide. Aries goes to try again with a suicide dive but Daniels kicks him in the face and gets 2.

Back from a break as Daniels is in control in the ring. Daniels hits a neckbreaker for 2. They collide in the center but it looks like Aries got the better of the exchange with a lariat. They get up and trade shots on their feet in the center. Aries goes on a flurry and hits a pendulum elbow for 2. Aries hiptosses Daniels to the floor and dives onto him, into the security rail. Back in the ring, Daniels ducks Aries from up top and hits a sit-down powerbomb for 2. Aries hits a missile dropkick from up top and another running dropkick from out of the corner. Daniels counters the Brain Buster and gets 2.

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