Re-Post: IMPACT Wrestling Results With Video

Daniels catches Aries in the mouth with a boot. The crowd chants this is awesome. Aries follows up with a dropkick to the face out of nowhere and hits the Brain Buster for the win.

Winner of 7 points by pin: Austin Aries

Aries is now in 2nd place with 35 points.

- We go to the back as Bully tells Tito he feels bad about making a mockery out of Hogan. He says he really doesn't feel bad. Bully tells Tito check Anderson if he gets out of line.

- Hulk Hogan makes his entrance as we return from a commercial. He gets a thunderous response. Hogan says he has been away taking care of business and it feels good to be back. He has the BFG Leaderboard be put on the big screen. Hogan says he met with Spike TV executives and they decided they need one more match in the BFG Qualifiers. He says there will be a Gauntlet Match next week for 20 points.

Aces & 8's music hits and Bully walks out with Brooke Tessmacher. Bully says, "Dad! You're back!" He puts the title in Hogan's face and says a lot has happened since Hogan's been gone. Hogan cuts him off when Bully goes to introduce Brooke. Hogan says he has also been taking care of personal business. Hogan pulls out divorce papers and throws them at Bully and says his daughter can now move on with her life. Bully says he never cared about Hogan's daughter and he is now in cruise control until Bound for Glory.

Hulk asks him if Bully knows who he is. Bully turns his hat around backward. Hogan says he runs this place and he is going to tear Bully's family apart. Hogan says in 2 weeks Bully Ray will defend against one of the members of Aces & 8's. Bully says he refuses as Hogan leaves the ring. Hogan says he runs the show and Bully is also going to defend this week against...Sting.

Sting comes in the ring and they exchange intense blows in the center. Bully escapes with the title. As we go off the air. Hogan had said "this week" but Tenay clears things up and says that match will take place next week.

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