Re-Post: SmackDown Results With Video

- We open from Las Vegas with MizTV in the ring. He welcomes Big Show and Dolph Ziggler to the ring. Miz talks about standing on the stage with them on RAW with 40 other Superstars as Bryan got beaten up. He sends to the video. Miz says it is time we heard their opinions on how management is running things. Big Show says standing there was one of the toughest things he has had to do in his career. He can't continue and is shaken up and sends to Ziggler. Ziggler can't put the words together and tells Show to finish his thought.

Triple H interrupts with a smile on his face on the way down the ramp. Cole says this is no longer a democracy (no longer, Cole?) it is a dictatorship. Hunter asks Miz why he is in his gear and not a suit. Miz says you never know when a fight is going to break out. This gets a pop. Miz asks if he can ask Hunter a question and Hunter says no. The crowd chants that he sold out. Triple H says this is all just business. He says Randy Orton is the future of the WWE. Hunter jabs Miz with once being the champion and never getting near it since. He puts Miz in a match with Orton. Hunter tells Ziggler he will give him the opportunity to get back at the Shield and put him in another handicap match.

Triple H then calls over the Big Show like a child and Show is fuming, almost crying from anger. Hunter says he is giving Show the night off and he wants Show to be on commentary and just sit there and watch what happens tonight and not do a thing. Show is shaking as Hunter dismisses him to commentary. Show takes a seat in a nice office chair next to the booth; he is not actually on commentary. Hunter dismisses Ziggler to the back and introduces the WWE Champion Randy Orton.

Randy Orton vs. The Miz

Back from a commercial as the bell rings and Big Show looks on. Randy rams Miz' head into the turnbuckles and sends him into the corner. Miz reverses and hits a clothesline. Orton lands a dropkick and gets 2. Orton throws Miz to the outside and suplexes him on the security wall. Orton sends him back in and covers him for 2. Cole and JBL argue about Triple H and Daniel Bryan the whole time. Miz starts unloading with strikes in the corner and hits his running clothesline. Miz launches Orton over the top and The Shield's music hits as Cole's voice sells the commercial break.

The Shield has taken their place, guarding the entrance like Monday. The crowd chants for Big Show as Orton takes Miz apart on the canvas. Orton drops a knee, that Cole says was a forearm, and gets a near fall. Miz flips out of a suplex attempt and starts to comeback. Miz hits a neckbreaker for 2. Orton counters Miz and hits the ropes-DDT. Orton coils up but Miz counters the RKO with a backslide and gets 2. Miz applies the figure-4 as Show cheers him on. Orton gets to the ropes. Orton drops Miz' neck across the top rope and hits the RKO for the win.

Winner by pin: Randy Orton

Big Show has to sit there as The Shield pounces on Miz. Daniel Bryan hits the ring with a steel chair and the crowd goes nuts. Orton and The Shield retreat as Bryan leads a YES chant.

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