Thanks to reader Woodsy for sending in these results from last night's WWE live event in Boston, MA:

The show led off with Ziggler defeating Big E Langston Match was entertaining with Langston dominating most of it and Ziggler gained upper hand and hit Zig Zag for the win.

Dean Ambrose put the US Title on the line against RVD. RVD got a HUGE pop, and Ambrose had his supporters as well. Solid match that saw RVD hit all his moves. Ambrose hit a great DDT. Ambrose got the win when RVD went to hit a cross body off the top rope and Ambrose reversed it for the pin.

Next came a Divas six women match that could have been voted a match or dance off. Nattie, Kaitlyn & Naomi vs. AJ, Brie & Layla in a short match. They played up the fact that Brie was still mad at AJ and refused to tag in for AJ. Kaitlyn with Spear for the win.

Kofi Kingston came out to the hometown pop and got a roll up win over Ryback. Ryback's reaction was good, looked better than I've seen him in a while.

Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins put the tag titles on the line against Mark Henry and The Big Show. As Show and Henry took advantage Ambrose came out with chair for the DQ. RVD runs out the faces clear the ring and Show hits double chokeslam.

Intermission ended and The Usos teamed with R-Truth in a match with the Wyatt's. Great match. Harper and Rowan played their parts really well with the brainwashed type characters. Actually scared a kid in my section and he left with his mom. Spot of the night was Wyatt got in ring and did his bend in the corner and CRAB WALKED to a downed R-Truth. The crowd loved it. Wyatts won.

Curtis Axel came out with Paul Heyman for a No DQ match against CM Punk for IC belt. Heyman quoted "Section 17 Clause 3" and said Axel won't have to defend the belt. Very quick match. I believe Punk still may be banged up as he didn't take a single bump. He hit Axel with a kendo stick and then a GTS for win. Punk then attacked Heyman.

Main event was Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Championship. Big pop for both guys. Great back and forth match, both guys hit all their big spots. The crowd was really behind Bryan. Bryan locked in No Lock. Brad Maddox ran down and pulled the ref out. The Shield all came out. Bryan clears them out of the ring, only to receive a RKO for the loss. The Shield and Orton all started beating on Bryan and Mark Henry, Dolph Ziggler and RVD ran out. While running out, I believe Henry legitimately tweaked his ankle or knee. He was first one out for the run in, and the last one to make ring. The faces cleared ring and RVD hit the frog splash.

Henry left the ring limping heavily. The rest of the faces went around the ring and high fived and shook hands for about 5 minutes.

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