WWE Monday Night RAW Results - Big Show Forced To Fight, Cody Rhodes Fired, More

Winner: Ryback

- Brad Maddox walks up on Triple H and Stephanie McMahon backstage. He says Big Show is refusing to wrestle Daniel Bryan tonight. Stephanie is going to the ring to call Show out.

- We get another vignette for Los Matadores.

- Back from the break and out comes Stephanie McMahon to the ring.

Stephanie says she's going to bring out someone who's helped her and been there for her over the years. She introduces her friend, her giant - Big Show. Show comes out to the ring and they hug. Stephanie says she heard Show doesn't want to face Bryan tonight. Stephanie says Show has made some bad investments and is completely broke. Show starts crying. Stephanie says he gets no money from that iron-clad contract unless he performs. She asks how much longer will he be able to wrestle. Stephanie goes on and says giants typically don't live longer than normal people. She says this is about his family and that's why he will make the right decision. Show is still crying. Stephanie says she is hurting and hugs Show before walking out of the ring. Show looks on, still crying. We go to commercial.

- Back from the break and we see footage of Big Show going crazy backstage.

- The announcers show us how to install the WWE App.

Jinder Mahal and Heath Slater vs. Darren Young and Titus O'Neil

3MB comes out first followed by Darren Young and Titus O'Neil to a decent reaction. Slater starts out with Titus and mocks his bark. Titus unloads and takes Slater to the corner.

Young comes in and fights off Slater and Mahal. He goes at it with Mahal and gets the upperhand. Young with a pin attempt. Young fights off more double teaming but gets knocked off the turnbuckle. Slater tags in and stomps away on Young. McIntyre gets in a cheap shot. Slater keeps Young on the mat now. Slater with a neckbreaker and another pin attempt. Mahal comes in for some double teaming and keeps up the attack on Young. More double teaming on Young. Young fights off Slater with headbutts and a big overhead throw. Titus tags in as does Mahal. Titus runs over him and hits a big clothesline in the corner. Titus with a big overhead throw. He starts barking and nails a big boot for a close 2 count as Slater breaks the pin. Young takes out Slater. Mahal sends Young to the floor. Titus lays out Mahal for the win.

Winners: Darren Young and Titus O'Neil

- Still to come, Rhodes vs. Orton with Cody's career on the line. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and Brad Maddox is on the phone. Paul Heyman walks in and tells Maddox to call the person back. Heyman says he isn't doing too good because of Maddox putting his fate in the hands of the WWE Universe last week. Heyman goes on and in walks Triple H. Triple H says he approved what Maddox did last week. Triple H says not because of their short past, but because Triple H is a fan of his and always has been. Triple H doesn't see a way Heyman can weasel his way out of the match at Night of Champions. Maybe this is the match where Punk gives Heyman the beating he deserves. Either way, Triple H wins.

- We get a video of Bray Wyatt talking about what's happened with Kane. Bray says the fire isn't Kane's friend. He says Kane allowed his pride to cloud his common sense and that's when Bray knew he was his. Like a lamb to slaughter, he says. Bray says Kane made his bed and now he's burning in it. Where's Kane? Bray laughs as Erick Rowan and Luke Harper stand behind him.

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