WWE Monday Night RAW Results - Big Show Forced To Fight, Cody Rhodes Fired, More

Cody Rhodes vs. Randy Orton

We go to the ring and out comes Cody Rhodes with his job on the line. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and out comes WWE Champion Randy Orton. Back and forth to start the match. Orton mounts Cody in the corner with punches. Cody comes back and drops Orton on his face. Cody with a 2 count. Orton turns it around again and drops Cody over the ropes, sending him out to the floor. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and they're brawling out on the floor. Orton takes control and brings it back in. Orton with a big knee drop for a 2 count. Orton with a headlock now. We see the WWE locker room backstage watching this match. Cody finally makes a comeback with clotheslines and a high elbow. Cody with the big dropdown right hand. Cody comes down off the top and covers for another close 2 count. Orton ducks a Disaster Kick but Cody shoves him into the corner. Cody nails a Disaster Kick and covers for another close 2 count.

Fans chant for Cody. Cody goes up high for the moonsault but Orton steps to the side and Cody hits the mat. Orton with a 2 count. Orton gets ready to put Cody away. Cody blocks the RKO and nails Cross Rhodes for another close pin attempt. Orton kicks Cody away. Orton drops his neck over the top rope and comes back in. Rhodes blocks a RKO and rolls Orton up for 2. Orton ducks a Disaster Kick and Cody lands bad on his knee. Orton goes for the knee and nails a RKO for the win and Cody's job.

Winner: Randy Orton

- After the match, Orton stands with the WWE Title as we go to replays. Orton heads to the stage to pose with the WWE Title. Triple H comes out and congratulates him. Orton heads to the back as Cody looks on from the ring. Triple H gives it up for Cody. He says Cody went all in and fought like his life was on the line. From the bottom of Triple H's heart, he respects Cody. He says but this is a business and in business, he needs winners. He can't let his personal feelings cloud his judgement. He has to do what's right for everyone in the back. With deep regret, Triple H informs Cody that he is fired. Cody is upset in the ring. He limps away after a "thank you Cody" chant. Fans chant his name as Cody heads up the ramp. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and the announcers are talking about what happened to Cody Rhodes.

- We go to the ring and out comes CM Punk with a kendo stick.

Punk comes out and promises no more empty threats. He says he's having a hard time finding what to say next. He talks about the kendo stick attack from last week and asks what is left to say. Punk says we've heard it all. He's here and ready to compete but wrestling is so far from his mind right now. Punk says he wants to fight. He wants to fight Paul Heyman. If he has to fight Curtis Axel to get a shot at Heyman, he will do it. Punk says he would invite them out right now but he knows they won't come. Punk says in 13 days, he's got them both. Punk says he's in such a dark place right now. Punk says it will be a biblical ass-beating at Night of Champions. Punk says he's here to say something to the fans. Fans start chanting for Punk. In 13 days, he guarantees he will get past Axel and then guarantees he will get his hands on Heyman. If you order Night of Champions, you will see a side of CM Punk you've never seen before. Punk says it might not be a side we like. Punk says a lot of people won't like what happens to Heyman at Night of Champions. Heyman said Punk broke his heart but at Night of Champions, Punk is going to break his face. Punk promises and drops the mic.

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