WWE Monday Night RAW Results - Big Show Forced To Fight, Cody Rhodes Fired, More

- We get another look back at what happened with Punk, Heyman and Axel last week. Punk is still in the ring clutching the kendo stick.

- Still to come, Big Show vs. Daniel Bryan. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and Big Show walks up on Daniel Bryan backstage. Show says he didn't want the fight tonight and is under a lot of pressure. Bryan doesn't care about what Show wants. Show says he's in a no-win situation here. Bryan agrees because tonight, he will beat Big Show again. Bryan walks off.

- We get a look back at AJ Lee's pipebomb from last week.

Natalya vs. Naomi vs. Brie Bella

This match was made by Stephanie McMahon. The winner will face AJ Lee for the Divas Title at Night of Champions. We see the other Total Divas at ringside also. Before the match begins, out comes AJ for commentary.

Lots of back and forth in the match as AJ rants no commentary. Naomi with the rear bump. AJ storms the ring and attacks Naomi and Natalya for the DQ. A brawl breaks out with all the Divas in the ring as the timekeeper rings the bell. Natalya, Naomi and Brie leave the ring with AJ laid out but no new #1 contender named.

- Still to come, Show vs. Bryan in the main event. Back to commercial.

Damien Sandow vs. Rob Van Dam

Back from the break and Damien Sandow waits in the ring. Ricardo Rodriguez is out next to introduce Rob Van Dam. Lots of back and forth to start the match.

More back and forth. RVD nails a big kick off the ropes and Sandow goes down. Alberto Del Rio's music hits and out he comes, distracting RVD. Sandow kicks RVD out of the ring. We go to commercial with Del Rio looking on from the stage.

Back from the break and Sandow is in control with a headlock. RVD tries to turn it around but gets dropped for a 2 count. RVD with a big kick to the face. RVD fights back but Sandow drops him into the ropes. Sandow with more offense and a swinging neckbreaker for 2. RVD comes back with clotheslines and a big kick. RVD hits Rolling Thunder. He goes to the corner but Sandow rolls him up for 2. RVD drops Sandow over the top rope and nails the Five Star frogsplash for the win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

- After the match, Ricardo and RVD stare down Del Rio from the ring.

- Still to come, Show vs. Bryan in the main event.

- Back from the break and we see a WWE App video where Stephanie made Naomi vs. Brie Bella vs. Natalya vs. AJ Lee for Night of Champions.

- Josh Mathews catches up with Cody Rhodes on his way out backstage. Cody says he lost because of the stupid stipulation. Cody says the McMahons have hated the Rhodes for decades. He says they ruined his father and brother. Cody storms off when Mathews mentions his fiancee.

- We see the roster coming out to the stage for tonight's main event. Back to commercial.

Big Show vs. Daniel Bryan

The roster is being forced to watch this match by Triple H. Out first comes Daniel Bryan after the break. Bryan is ready to go. Big Show comes out next and is hesitant.

Show tells Bryan he doesn't want to do this. Bryan tells him to bring it. Bryan strikes first but gets knocked down. Show says his back is against the wall and he doesn't want to do this. Bryan charges again and Show grabs him, yelling some more about not wanting to do this. Show sends Bryan to the floor. Bryan runs in and kicks Show's leg out. Bryan unloads with kicks and takes Show down. Show keeps getting up but Bryan kicks him back down. Bryan with a dropkick to the head for a 1 count. Bryan with a big dropkick in the corner. And another. Show blocks the third with his back. Show is upset now. He hits Bryan with lots of big chops in the corner.

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