WWE Monday Night RAW Results - Big Show Forced To Fight, Cody Rhodes Fired, More

Show hits Bryan some more and yells about how he made him do this. Bryan with more kicks but Show runs over him with a shoulder. Show tells Bryan to just stop fighting, don't make him do this. Bryan charges and Show knocks him back with a headbutt. Show with a shot to the gut now. Show goes back down and Bryan unloads with kicks. Show goes for a chokeslam but Bryan turns it into a DDT. Bryan comes off the top but Show knocks him in mid-air. Show readies for the knockout punch but stops and leaves the ring. Triple H's music hits. The Shield runs down to ringside and Triple H is behind them. He tells Bryan to get back in the ring and finish Bryan. Show and Triple H come face to face outside the ring. Show says no. He starts walking off. The Shield start beating down Bryan. Show comes back in the ring but Triple H gets in the way. Triple H tells Show to do what's right, think about his family. He tells Show to step back. Show watches as The Shield hit Bryan with the triple powerbomb. Show starts crying. Triple H tells Show to balls up his big fist and knock Bryan out. Show cries some more as he readies the punch. Roman Reigns holds Bryan up. Show yells no and leaves the ring. Triple H warns Big Show. Out comes Stephanie McMahon to confront Show on the stage. She tells him to think about his family and they start walking to the ring. Reigns holds Bryan up again as Show enters the ring. Triple H orders Show again to hit Bryan. Show turns towards Triple H but Stephanie gets in the way. The crowd cheers. Show is still crying. He turns back around and decks Bryan with a knockout punch as the crowd boos. Triple H and Stephanie pat Show on the back, telling him he did the right thing. Show heads up the ramp with Triple H and Stephanie telling him he did the right thing. Randy Orton's music hits and out he comes. Show is still crying. Orton walks past them and heads to the ring.

The Shield, Triple H, Stephanie, Big Show and the rest of the roster look on from the stage as Orton puts a boot on Bryan's chest and poses with the WWE Title. RAW goes off the air.

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