Batista On Questions About WWE Return, Rock's Direct-To-DVD Movie Released, Batista Talks Riddick

- You can check out the video above of Batista discussing Riddick. The movie releases tomorrow, and stars Vin Diesel in the title role.

- Speaking of Batista, he posted the following on his Twitter regarding all of the questions that he receives regarding a WWE return: "Dear God...Please make everyone ask me when Im coming back to the WWE! Not sure if reverse psychology will work on God but its worth a shot... Apparently reverse psychology does NOT work on God. Well atleast we have the answer for that. was worth a shot."

- Empire State, which stars Emma Roberts, Liam Hemsworth and The Rock, quietly released direct-to-DVD yesterday. The Rock, who usually heavily promotes his projects on social media, didn't mention the release of the film once on Twitter.

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