Matt Morgan On How He Met Vince McMahon Before Entering The Business, Trying Out For Tough Enough

As I said that, they already started doing auditions for the second season. Lo and behold, I had already gotten a call about a month later from the casting company from MTV that I'd made the next round of cuts for my audition tape. I'm like, "I didn't even send an audition tape in for the second season." So what I think happened was I somehow missed the first one, and somehow the tape miraculously made it on its own accord for the second season of it. Crazy. Very, very crazy.

Wrestling INC: Trying for eight months to meet Vince McMahon and then he walks in, was that intimidating at all?

Morgan: I mean yes, because he's Vince. He's a star. To me, being a huge wrestling fan, so of course it's like holy s***, this is Vince McMahon! This is the guy I've been watching week after week. Huge, huge celebrity. But no, because in my heart, you just know when you want to do something and you'll talk to whoever you have to with as much confidence and whatever you have as possible to make that dream come true. He can be very intimidating, but he was very, very cool to me. Very, very nice and very encouraging actually. That man busts his ass in the gym, let me tell you that, boy.

When I was going there, Raj, on Friday nights as well, I actually met Stephanie before I met Vince. She was in the gym. She works out hard as hell too, boy. She's super, super encouraging. She would say, "if this is something you really want to do, keep coming in here. You're bound to bump into my dad. Keep it up, that's a really cool story And if that's what you want to do and it's meant to be, it will be. There's no denying passion." She was super cool. I bumped into her about three or four times before I actually met her dad finally within those eight months. That was very encouraging at a time when I'd go for eight months there.

Wrestling INC: That's crazy. I can't remember the last time where a chance meeting with Vince was the way in.

Morgan: Yeah. If you think about it, I'd gotten screwed by trying to go the traditional route through school. And then Larry Sharpe, who I would have loved to have trained me, and any kids listening to this I'd suggest they would go to the Monster Factory, cause the guy knows his s--t. That was the funniest part of the story, that he didn't believe my size, my credentials, because at that time it was a hot bed. He had so many guys calling and crank calling. I can imagine.

Wrestling INC: Do you ever see Larry Sharpe now?

Morgan: Yeah. Oh, my God. I went, paid my own flight, put myself up at my own hotel at my own expense and was there for Dominic DeNucci being inducted into the Hall of Fame and spoke on his behalf before he dropped the news that he was being inducted into the Hall of Fame. They had like a ceremony to talk about him being inducted, basically. I was at that and so was Larry Sharpe. Of course, I told him the story and he couldn't believe it. But he laughed.

Wrestling INC: Going back to being on Tough Enough, did you ever feel any resentment from the veterans?

Morgan: You know what, I was going to have resentment on me no matter what way I came in. I could have done the indy scene for 28 freaking years. It wouldn't have mattered because I would have had the same target on my back no matter what because of my sheer size. That's the way I always looked at it. I could see why and I went into it knowing that that would happen. The Tough Enough thing was just another layer of resentment and I was willing to take it head on because you know what? I'll never crap on my Tough Enough opportunity because that is how I got started technically.

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