Views From The Turnbuckle: How Would TNA Stars Fare In WWE? Roode, Aries, Styles, More

Views From The Turnbuckle: How Would TNA Stars Fare In WWE? Roode, Aries, Styles, More
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With all the talk swirling around AJ Styles' recent contract negotiations with TNA, along with the constant rumors of TNA going out of business, there is a lot of speculation about how certain TNA talents would fare if they were to go to the WWE. Nobody has any clue what the actual financial situation of TNA is, but I thought it would at least be fun to hypothetically predict how certain notable TNA talents would fare if they were eventually going to end up in the WWE.

One little note I want to make is that this breakdown is going to be restricted only towards guys who have never spent any extended time in the WWE. So there will be no breakdowns for Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, Bully Ray, or even Sting for that matter because at this point, we basically all know what they can/could do in the WWE.

Bobby Roode

Roode is a guy that seems to fit the WWE mold very well. He has a great build, a masterful knowledge on in-ring psychology and can really work the microphone. Because of his look and move-set, Roode has often been compared to current WWE head-honcho Triple H, so it is possible that HHH is a big fan of Roode, and as Sheamus showed us, being on HHH's good side can get you a long way in the WWE.

Out of all TNA talent, I think that Roode is the surest thing about being the WWE. All of the other talents have a few things that could hold them back, but I don't really see any conceivable holes in Roode. At 36 he isn't necessarily a young guy, but Roode, like most of TNA's talent, has already had years of experience working on TV regularly, cutting promos and main-eventing ppvs. TNA guys would not need much time in NXT, if they need any at all. That experience factor can help nullify the age of some of the wrestlers.

Austin Aries

Both TNA and the WWE could have had Aries before he signed with TNA for the long term in 2011. For whatever reason neither organization pulled the trigger until Aries was already 33 years old.

That being said, the emergence of Austin Aries as a potential star for TNA has been one of the few bright spots for the company over the last couple years. Aries has proven himself to be a smooth talker and a top-notch in-ring performer, and someone that had a real connection with the TNA fans, just watch Destination X 2012, which was probably TNA's finest moment in several years.

That being said, the WWE had the perfect opportunity to sign Aries, but they passed on him. This puzzled a lot of fans because Aries' ability was hardly a secret; anyone that saw him tear it up in Ring of Honor knew what he was capable of. Yet the WWE never thought about signing Aries, for one reason or another.

I personally think that the WWE may have never signed Aries because they already had CM Punk. Aries and Punk have been drawing comparisons to each other for a while, and it is obvious to see why. Both men are fantastic in-ring technicians and natural speakers on the microphone. Hell, even their facial hair is similar. In the long run, the WWE might not like to have someone encroaching on Punk's character, even if they were as talented as Aries is.

Samoa Joe

Out of all the talent that currently has never been in the WWE, Samoa Joe is probably the biggest slight. Joe's charisma, in-ring ability and intensity have made him one of the most popular wrestlers anywhere for about a decade now. Samoa Joe is the biggest star that TNA came up with that was never affiliated with a larger wrestling promotion aside from a match in WWE on Jakked, so naturally it seemed like he was going to take the next step up. Somehow, that has yet to happen. Couple that in with the fact that Joe has been basically an afterthought in TNA over the last few years and it is a real head-scratcher why Joe has yet to go somewhere else.

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