- Brooke Hogan has finally been removed from the Impact Wrestling roster page.

- Hulk Hogan's agent, Peter Young, told ProWrestling.net that Hulk Hogan appearing in WWE 2K14 is due to a 2008 deal that Hogan made with THQ to appear in a WWE video game. After purchasing the WWE video game license from THQ, 2K Sports exercised a renewal option on Hogan's old contract.

Young's comments were in line with Eric Bischoff's recent statement that existing trademarks and assets were used to have Hogan appear in the game. However, if Young's statement is correct, Bischoff's remark about there being no "Hulk Hogan/2K Sports deal" would be inaccurate, as it is technically a deal between the video game company and Hogan.

- Speaking of Hogan, he posted the photo below of himself working out with Bushwhacker Luke at his gym:

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