R Truth vs. Drew McIntyre (with Jinder Mahal and Heath Slater)

They lock up and Truth shoves Drew into the corner. They chain wrestle and Truth comes out on top. Truth hits Drew in the face, knocking him down. Drew gets a kick to the get. He hits Truth with a head strike and kicks him in the corner. Drew lands a body slam. He hits Truth in the head again. Truth hits a hurricanrana and then gets a quick pin attempts. He hits Drew with an arm drag takedown and keeps his arm locked in.

Drew gets to his feet and clubs Truth in the back. He charges Truth in the corner, who leapfrogs over him. Truth locks Drew's arm back in. Back from commercial and Truth hits a back elbow. Truth lands a hip toss and then his dancing leg drop for a two count. Slater and Mahal distract Truth and Drew hits a dropkick. Drew kicks and strikes Truth in the corner.

Drew hits a vertical Suplex. He locks in Truth's head on the mat. Truth battles to his feet, but Drew hits another dropkick. Drew chokes Truth on the center rope. The ref backs him off and Slater hits Truth. Drew stomps on Truth's head and hits another body slam. He goes up top and leaps off, but Truth puts his feet up. Truth hits a back elbow, hitting Drew from the ring.

Truth lands a pair of clotheslines and a scissors kick for a near pin fall. Slater gets on the apron and Truth hits him off. Mahal gets on the apron and Truth goes to hit him off. Drew charges and Truth moves. Drew hits Mahal off the apron. Truth hits the Lie Detector for the win.

Winner: R Truth

Then, the in ring segment between Stephanie McMahon and Big Show from RAW is shown.

Kofi Kingston vs. Curtis Axel (with Paul Heyman)

They chain wrestle. Kofi gets a dropkick, sending Axel to the outside. He huddles with Heyman. Axel tries to pull Kofi out by his feet, but Kofi gets free. Kofi locks in a side headlock. Axel gets free and locks in a side headlock of his own. Axel gets a shoulder knockdown. Kofi takes Axel down. Axel rolls out of the ring again. Kofi goes for a dive, but stops because Axel moves. Axel gets up on the apron and Kofi dropkicks him off. Kofi hits a dive.

Axel rams Kofi into the barrier. Back from commercial and Axel hits an elbow to the back of the head. He locks in Kofi's head on the mat. Kofi fights to his feet and hits gut and head shots. Axel gets a clothesline to the back of the head. He strikes Kofi in the corner repeatedly. Kofi fights out with kicks to the body. He slides between Axel's legs and hits a dropkick. Axel drops an elbow for a two count.

Axel hits a backbreaker. He strikes Kofi from up top and then locks in his head again. Kofi fights to his feet and breaks free. Axel goes for another clothesline to the back of the head, but Kofi dodges and knocks Axel outside. Kofi hits clotheslines, a dropkick and a flying forearm. Kofi hits the boom drop. He signals for Trouble in Paradise. Axel ducks it. Kofi reverses Axel's attempted offense and hits a crossbody from up top.

Axel kicks Kofi in the knee and then takes his knee out. He tries to grab Kofi's leg, but Kofi hangs onto the ropes and kicks him off. Axel charges Kofi in the corner. Kofi bails to the apron and tries to kick Axel. Axel grabs his leg and clubs it. Axel hits his hangman's facebuster for the win.

Winner: Curtis Axel

Then, Daniel Bryan vs. Big Show is shown to end the show.

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