Total Divas Recap: Ariane Questions Her Relationship, Nikki Gets Injured, Jo Jo Tries To Sing, More

The show heads to Tampa. Nikki and John are at a coffee shop. She tells him that her shin is bothering her. He tells her she needs to get it checked, but she doesn't want to because she doesn't want to take off work. They talk about it.

Then, Vincent and Ariane go to a shop with her dog. Ariane is getting her dog's nails done. Vincent brings up meeting his dad again and he asks her to try and fit it into her schedule. He says please because it's big in his culture. She agrees and he says thanks because it's important to him.

Stuff goes back to Eva and Jo Jo's apartment. Eva hugs Jo Jo and Jo Jo asks how the photo shoot went. Eva talks about how great of an experience it was and then shows Jo Jo pictures. Jo Jo is visibly bummed out. She says she is happy for Eva and stuff, but Eva questions her for being standoffish. Jo Jo says she is fine, when she is clearly not, and Eva leaves because she doesn't have time for games.

Back from commercial and the show is in Florida. Trinity, Jo Jo and John are working out in a gym. Jo Jo mentions how she wants to sing at a RAW or Smackdown. Trinity says she is a good singer, but it could make or break her. Trinity thinks she is on to something. Jo Jo is still tossing up if she should sing it or not. Trinity offers to be out there with Jo Jo while she sings to help calm her nerves. Then, Trinity suggests Jo Jo sing the Funkadactyls song. Jo Jo likes the idea.

Then, Nikki is shown getting her leg scanned at a hospital to find out if anything is wrong. She says she is stressed out and notices a white spot on the scanner, which apparently means there is an injury. Nikki says she has to wait for the WWE doctors to get the info and it's stressing her out that she didn't take care of it sooner.

Brie is stressed out because her career is in jeopardy too. If Nikki has to be taken off TV then she will too.

Nattie and Eva are then shown driving. Nattie is talking about the wedding and she says that TJ gets on her nerves sometimes. Eva talks about Jo Jo and how Jo Jo has been getting on her nerves because they're around each other so much. Eva talks about how Jo Jo wants to sing and Nattie says she should focus on the wrestling first.

Then, Jo Jo and Trinity are going into a recording studio to record Trinity's theme song so they can present the idea to WWE. Trinity's dad shows off some ideas he has had in regards to the theme song. Trinity and Jo Jo are then shown recording stuff.

Stuff goes back to LA and Ariana and Vincent are going to meet Vincent's dad. Vincent's dad says he's going to put Armenian bread on their shoulders when they get married. Then, they eat and Vincent's dad asks about Ariane leaving him every four days. He talks about wanting grand kids.

Back from commercial and Eva Marie is doing dishes. She mentions that there has been tension between her and Jo Jo since she did Maxim. Jo Jo calls a talent person and she mentions that she loved Jo Jo and Trinity's song. She wants Jo Jo to sing it for an entrance. Jo Jo gets really happy because she's going to get a chance to sing.

Things head over to Vincent and Ariane in a car. Vincent stops Ariane from kissing her dog because he thinks it's nasty. Vincent is bringing her somewhere as a surprise. It ends up being a jewelry store and Vincent wants to find a diamond ring for her. Ariane is caught off guard. Vincent says he brought her there because he wants to take her there to try on rings and maybe take the next step. Ariane leaves and Vincent follows her. He asks what is wrong and she says there is too much pressure. She needs time and he says they can work on it. Ariane says it's too much to handle but she wants to take a break. Vincent is surprised and asks why she never talked about it. He hugs her and then Ariane is shown talking about how they're on two different pages. He says if that's how she feels then he'll respect her and give her a break. He says he will be there for her.

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