This episode of Impact Wrestling was the second installment hosted from Cleveland, OH. It was the official last stop to determine the final four for the Bound for Glory series. It also gave a member of Aces and Eights the opportunity to become the No. 1 contender for Bully Ray's TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

Knux vs. Chris Sabin was an average match, that really did not do much for either one of them. I understand that Knux winning by DQ did not necessarily hurt Sabin, but it is apparent that Sabin has a tough road to climb in order to be a main-eventer in TNA. Honestly, this indirectly shows that he was never that in the first place.

AJ Styles winning the Bound for Glory series was pretty much a given. TNA is investing time in him again, and even after the painful worked shoot promo he delivered last week, coupled with switching from one persona to another when coming out (weird), he is back as a major player for the company. This all but solidifies his spot against Bully Ray at Bound for Glory.

Bischoff/Brisco vs. Storm/Gunner was a fairly lackluster match. However, one positive from it is the potential to revive the floundering tag division. I must admit, I have been following TNA extensively since its inception in 2002, and I do not think I've ever briefly forgot who the tag team champions were—until now.

For about two to three minutes, I really tried to figure out who the champions were. Then when I found out, I realized why I forgot. Because they are hardly ever on TV, and there is no other team vying for the titles. Not a good sign, and at least the Aces and Eights can use their last lifeline to try to bring the titles to the club.

Sting vs. Bully Ray was, again, a slightly above average match, with the actions afterwards being more important than the actual match itself. Again, although from a nostalgia standpoint, it is great to see Sting in the ring, but he should transition to a manager or agent.

Mr. Anderson reverting back to his old ways got a pop from the crowd, but it is hard for me to believe that he will be anywhere near the main event picture after this short feud ends. The closest scenario that could possibly happen would be Anderson winning the title, Bully invoking his rematch, and AJ winning the BFG series to set up a triple threat at Bound for Glory.

Although this would not be a terrible idea, it would make a win by AJ Styles more meaningful if it was just one on one with Bully. So, in other words, there is no benefit of Anderson winning the title right now.

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