Views From The Turnbuckle: Fixing The WWE's Mid-Card

This booking idea must come from the philosophy that Mid-Carders do not draw people to the TV screen, or to the pay-per-view box office. A match over the Intercontinental title will not sell ppvs, but a match between two former world champions will. Therefore, it is best to dedicate most of the time to two or three very important storylines then to several minor storylines. Basically, quantity does not equal quality. This same booking method has affected the tag-team division in the exact same way.

In my opinion, fixing the Mid-Card starts with those two previously mentioned titles. I don't think the issue is from a lack of talent, instead it is of a lack of prominence. Curtis Axel is currently the Intercontinental Champion, and he is in a heated feud with CM Punk. On paper, that sounds great for the IC title, however the Intercontinental Championship is a mere afterthought in the feud. The storyline is built around Heyman and Punk, Axel is just along for the ride. The IC title is hardly ever mentioned during the segments dedicated to Axel, which is terrible for the title's reputation and prestige.

If the WWE cared to actually put some creative effort into their Mid-Card, I'm pretty confident their fan base would appreciate it. Like a lot of people, I grew up in a time when being the IC or US Champion was a pretty big deal, and seeing a lot of the young and talented guys battle over it would be a great move in my opinion. Instead of showing 300 recaps of what Triple H said, how about setting up a small storyline between Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler, or Curtis Axel and Fandango? It just seems like a safe, low risk move to make if you are the WWE.

I understand that the WWE really wants to make the big things seem very big, but if you go back to the WWE's most successful period, the Mid-Card flourished. One of my favorite rivalries of all-time is between The Rock and Ken Shamrock, over the IC title. Did their feud take anything away from Steve Austin and Vince McMahon? Of course not. Maybe by showcasing more of the major storylines is a way for compensating for a less successful booking period, but I still think that putting more effort into the Mid-Card could only help the WWE.

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