WWE RAW Results - Edge Hosts The Cutting Edge, Goldust Returns To Action, More

WWE RAW Results - Edge Hosts The Cutting Edge, Goldust Returns To Action, More

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- Tonight's RAW opens up with WWE Hall of Famer Edge making his way out to a huge pop from the Toronto crowd. Michael Cole welcomes us to RAW as Edge makes his way out.

Edge says every time he comes out, fans remind him of why this is home. He welcomes us to The Cutting Edge. Edge says Triple H requested he be here tonight because it would be good for business. Fans boo Triple H. Edge says Triple H thought it would be good if he had a reunion tonight. Not a reunion with his best friend Christian, but a reunion with Randy Orton, his former partner in Rated RKO. Edge says Orton has nothing interesting to say and says it's like watching paint dry. Edge says Orton is just Triple H's lackey now. Edge has decided Orton won't be his guest on The Cutting Edge tonight. Fans start chanting "yes" now. Edge says he's going to have a guest that's good for business. Edge brings out Daniel Bryan to a big pop.

We see footage from last week where Big Show was forced to knock Bryan out. Bryan says no matter what they keep doing to him, he will beat Orton for the WWE Title at Night of Champions. Edge says Bryan deserves a fair shot in beating Orton. Edge asks if Bryan thinks he can beat Orton. Bryan does. Edge goes on but Orton's music interrupts and out he comes to the stage.

Orton comes out and rips Canada. He pokes fun at Edge for his broken neck. Edge fires back and calls Orton spineless. Edge takes a shot at Triple H. Triple H's music hits and out he comes to the stage beside Orton. Edge says he's not employed by WWE so he doesn't have to bite his tongue. Edge says Triple H doesn't know a damn thing about finding talent. He says Triple H didn't think Edge, Chris Jericho or John Cena could make it, now he doesn't think Bryan can make it. Triple H says it's good to see Edge and plugs Haven on Syfy. Triple H says he may have been wrong about talent over the years but he's also been right a lot. He was wrong about Cena and Jericho. Time will tell with Bryan, he says. Triple H says there was one guy he was right about when he said he would be a failure - Edge. Triple H says we can pretend, because we're in Canada, that Edge is a star and a legend but the reality is, Edge was a failure. Triple H says Edge never drew a dime. Triple H is going to give Bryan the chance to prove him wrong tonight. Triple H announces Bryan vs. Dean Ambrose for tonight. Since The Shield will be in Ambrose's corner, Triple H is going to let Bryan have someone in his corner - Big Show. Triple H says he's not a bad guy and everyone should learn to get along with him. Triple H says he's not a dictator. An "asshole" chant breaks out. Edge says he didn't have to marry into success, he earned his Hall of Fame ring. Edge says he isn't a dictator, he's just a dick. Triple H rips on Edge's injured neck some more. Triple H says if he can't hurt Edge, maybe he can hurt the ones he loves. The Shield come out and they're dragging Christian. They drop him on the ramp and Edge runs up to check on him as Orton, Triple H and The Shield head to the back. Edge calls for some help for Christian. We go to commercial.

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