Matt Morgan Talks Joining WWE, His Stuttering Gimmick, His WWE Release, Signing With TNA, More

I recently spoke with Matt Morgan for his first interview since leaving TNA earlier this summer. In the second part of the interview below, Morgan discussed his stuttering gimmick in WWE, working with Brock Lesnar, being released by WWE and if he saw it coming, working overseas, signing with TNA and much more.

You can check out the first part of the interview here, where Morgan discussed appearing on Tough Enough, meeting Vince McMahon at the Titan Towers gym, his time on the show and more. Make sure to check back this week for the third and final part of our interview. You can also follow him on Twitter @BPmattmorgan.

Wrestling INC: You were only in [WWE] developmental for a year before you were brought up to the main roster, right?

Morgan: If that. I recall only having about six months of experience from the first day in there to being with Team Lesnar on Smackdown. And the rib was, I only had experience as a babyface down in OVW because I was coined as this big babyface at the time. I was super limited and super green. Of course, I get brought up as a heel. So I just did the opposite of whatever the heels would have done to me had I been the one selling, things like that. I tried my best, but I was way too inexperienced.

Wrestling INC: Did you know that when you joined the main roster? Or were you like, "I'll pick this up, I can do this?"

Morgan: Everybody there knew it. From the writers, I remember [then-SmackDown writer] Dave Lagana calling and telling me when I was first pulled up, "hey, this is a huge opportunity for you. We know, we understand how green you are. You're going to get some stuff, some crap said about you because you are so new and you are so young. But, at the same time, that's why we've specifically paired you with Brock and wrestling against Kurt Angle, [Chris] Benoit, [Eddie] Guerrero, John Cena." Just guys that were a lot more seasoned, especially Brock and Kurt at the time, because John Cena himself was relatively new at that point himself, he was just starting to get really super over at that moment. I learned because I was married to those guys at house shows, I was able to pick up a hell of a lot of experience. Because of that, it made me more comfortable obviously. But yeah, of course I knew I was way too inexperienced to be called up. What am I going to say? "Excuse me, sir. I would like to stay in OVW for another year." You can't do that, because if I did say that, then I'm not ready to attack this head on. I don't have the same label as a guy that doesn't have the zeal to get out there, grow a pair and learn on the fly in that situation, which is exactly how that world works. I had no problem with it. I didn't even give it a second thought.

Wrestling INC: What was your reaction when you were put on Team Lesnar and working with all these guys on top right off the bat?

Morgan: It was me, Brock Lesnar, I was a tag team with Nathan Jones at the time, Big Show and A-Train. It was the biggest team in Survivor Series history. That in and of itself was a huge honor, because I'm a huge, huge fan for the big men that came before me. So I thought that was a cool honor. Like I said, I couldn't have been happier. I'm with the Heavyweight Champion. I'm learning from him every single night on the road. You want to talk about a quick study? As quick as Kurt Angle picked it up, Brock Lesnar picked it up easily just as fast. Good Lord, he picked this business up so fast, the psychology of it. He really worked with me and taught me how to work big. At the time, I didn't really understand it. I would say once I went to TNA I fully understood it, for the most part. The light bulb finally went on for me. We have a whole different psychology than any other wrestler does, big men do. We've got to learn the psychology just like everybody else, but then we also have to learn big men psychology. It takes big guys a little more time to get seasoned and get that experience, it just does.

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