Matt Morgan Talks Joining WWE, His Stuttering Gimmick, His WWE Release, Signing With TNA, More

Wrestling INC: Do they teach bigger guys like yourself, in the developmental system? I'm sure it's changed now, but at least back then in OVW, would they teach you how to work big? Or did they teach you more of just generally how to work and you kind of figured that out on your own?

Morgan: I had Rip Rogers down there training me, Danny Davis down there training me in OVW. They would take the info from years of experience and try to teach me what they would know about it, obviously. It's not brain surgery to figure it out. But, for whatever reason, I remember Kevin Nash came down there when he was about to be called up for the nWo stuff. He went down there to work some ring rust off, or maybe he was down there for an injury, I forget. But we had him down there for about a week or two and just being in the ring with him, no joke, no exaggeration, I learned so much more from him in those two weeks as far as working big is concerned, then I did full time when I was studying down there. That's serious. And then when I got called up, my eyes were glued on Undertaker and Kane 24/7. Those were my two guys. Those were my, as well as Big Show, those were the guys that I would not take my eyes off of. Any of their matches, how they walked around backstage, how they presented themselves, how they treated people, and most importantly, their psychology. There's not a better big man in the history of this business than the Undertaker. I mean, good Lord. What better person to watch than him? I remember watching him and Kane going over their match at Wrestlemania 20. I had nothing on that night, I wasn't on the card. Nathan [Jones] had just quit. Brock was on his way out for the NFL at the time. I had just gotten the bad news that I was being sent back down to OVW again for more seasoning. I was very cool with it. I was excited for it because I now knew what I need to work on. I sat there and I watched, right at ringside, everything that they were doing in that ring, before the show started. Two of the best big men ever going at it, super athletic big guys. They let me sit down there and watch them go over their match. That's how you learn.

Wrestling INC: When you went back to OVW, that's actually where you came up with the Blueprint, right?

Morgan: Kenny Bolin came up with it. He wasn't contracted with WWE at all at the time. I don't think he ever really was. But he was a manager there. When we did the Blueprint, it was basically a spin off of the next big thing because before I had been called up at all, to go up there and team with Team Lesnar or anything like that, I was a baby face and at the time they were calling me the next, next big thing. When I did my promo, [I said] "I'm not the next, next anything. I'm the first walking, talking, living, breathing athletic giant that this sport has ever had. Hell, if God had made himself the perfect blueprint of the perfect giant, you're looking at him." Arrogant as hell, but that's what I really felt and arrogant as that might be, that's who I felt I am. That's the character that I could connect with. It just rolled off the top of my tongue and I heard Kenny Bolin in the manager's office, calling me the Blueprint in the past. It was a couple months later that I could fit it into a promo, I guess you could say. From there the character kind of took off.

Wrestling INC: I remember during that time hearing about your promo ability. That was one of the things that I remember people were really high on. When they brought you back, it kind of reminds me of when Batista came in from developmental. He was put in as Devon's second and had the shirt and everything. They gave you a stuttering gimmick. Do you think that was to have you focus more on your in-ring? Or was it just something they thought you'd be able to do?

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