Matt Morgan Talks Joining WWE, His Stuttering Gimmick, His WWE Release, Signing With TNA, More

Morgan: Real good question. It was amazing, I was shocked. Again, coming from Japan where not many speak English and the ones that do kayfabe the crap out of it. It's pretty much just me hanging out there with Mark Jindrak in between my shows. So when I came to TNA, I was kind of blown away at how relaxed everybody was. I remember I showed up in a suit and tie. And I remember Samoa Joe walking up to me, it was the first time meeting him, and the first thing he was like, "brother, you don't need to wear that crap here no more." I was like, "what, my suit and tie?" He was like, "dude, it's 90 degrees out. It's summer time." I'm just trying to make a good impression. I just wanted to look like a professional 24/7. That still is my opinion, by the way. But then the attitude behind it was pretty cool. It seemed like a place that you could let your hair down. For me, at that time in my career, when I needed it the most, that was very imperative to my ongoing training in gaining that main event experience because the guys that get themselves over, chances are it's because they finally dialed into who they really are as a man.

I don't know about you, brother, but it takes time as a man to figure out who you are in life, right? What you're about, what you're qualities are, what your value system is. Forget the character, just being a man. You only get that with years of experience in life situations. Wrestling's no different. With this, I figured I'm at TNA, it's such a good place because there was not as much pressure on you. There was no walking around on eggshells and because of that, I was finally allowed to be so comfortable there that I was willing to start trying things and relax more. I started to slow down on the mic when I spoke. I was starting to slow down my work in the ring and stalking my opponent in a heat versus hey, let's see how many athletic moves I can do. Crap like that that I used to make the mistake of doing when I came in there. It was really a good marriage between the two of us, me as well as TNA because they had Kevin Nash there, but he wasn't working a consistent amount of shows. He wasn't working all the house shows or anything of that nature. So I came in, learned from the Nash learning tree as well as Kurt Angle and a lot of the other. I could sit up all day talking about them. Sting, [Hulk] Hogan, [Ric] Flair. Tons of guys that tried to help me along the way.

But again, long story short, I was able to learn a lot. Because I was able to be so comfortable there, I got to tap into the Blueprint more and more and more and go okay, I'm this guy. This is who I am, like it or not.

You can check out the first part of the interview here, where Morgan discussed appearing on Tough Enough, meeting Vince McMahon at the Titan Towers gym, his time on the show and more. Make sure to check back this week for the third and final final part of our interview. You can also follow him on Twitter @BPmattmorgan.

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