As noted earlier, Alberto Del Rio was interviewed by Tercera Caida, which airs on TVC Deportes. Here are some more highlights from the interview:

- At Wrestlemania 28, the year he was injured, he was originally supposed to face Randy Orton.

- It was a great moment for him to successfully defend his World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 29. He said that he and Jack Swagger had a good rivalry and match at the event.

- He hates Twitter, even though he's actively on it. He said WWE forced him to get a Twitter. He said that Sheamus "betrayed" him because there were the only 2 superstars who did not have a Twitter account, and they made an agreement to never get a Twitter. However, when Sheamus opened a Twitter account, Stephanie McMahon forced him to open one.

- He said Vince McMahon praised his match with Christian at Summerslam and said that Vince said they stole the show. He also said Christian is really underrated and a better wrestler than many in the company, and he is one of his favorite wrestlers to work with.

- He said Triple H told him to give him a list of 5 Latino wrestlers he thinks can do well in the company so WWE can sign them.

- Rey Mysterio was supposed to return the night after Summerslam, but he chose to return in Mexico.

- He also said that Ricardo Rodriguez has great potential and that WWE wanted to split them months before they did, but he did not want to because they are good friends outside WWE.

- He said that Rob Van Dam is a great opponent, but he doesn't know him that well. He admitted that RVD's signing was good for WWE.

- Del Rio's cousin (Sicodelico, Jr.) said that he doesn't know why he was released (while in WWE developmental in 2009). He respects Del Rio's decision (to take his mask off) and said he would have done the same thing. He also said that Del Rio is a big star worldwide.

- Del Rio said that the decision for his brother (Memo Montenegro) to be released was made by him (Del Rio) and the company around the time they were changing FCW to NXT, and said FCW/NXT is not the place to learn how to wrestle since his brother did not have very much wrestling experience.

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