Ted Dibiase Sr. Talks Managing Steve Austin, If He Was Misused In WWE, His Son's Release, Mid-South

Then they gave me "flash cash" is what Vince called it, which means that every time you reach into your pocket to go to buy a newspaper or a cup of coffee, people will see a roll of 100 dollar bills, and of course that could be dangerous, depending on where you are ha-ha. He said, for example, you'll have to pick your spot, and obviously don't go to the most expensive restaurant in Manhattan and there are 50 people in there and say you're going to pick up a tab. But you pick your spot and when you're having breakfast or lunch or dinner somewhere and there's a few people in the restaurant just stand up and announce yourself as Ted DiBiase, the Million Dollar man and I'm in a particularly good mood tonight and because of that, dinner's on me, and have Virgil go around and pick up everybody's check. He said pay for it, bring me the receipt, and then I'll replace the money. And I said oh my gosh, you know, that was fun and of course he added onto that saying if you abuse it, you lose it. Obviously we want you to have some fun with it but don't be going nuts, and I never did really abuse it so it was a lot of fun.

Being in the new WWE 2K14 game: Well, just have a good time. The amazing thing is, like you said, here I haven't been in the ring physically to have a match in 20 years, and I'll be 60 on my next birthday so I'm an over the hill guy, even though some of my contemporaries are trying to still go, and they're almost 60 or older, but that's another story. I'll give you an example; it amazes me the marketing (for the game). I was in Scotland and I'm walking into their equivalent of a Walmart and I'm going to be there for a couple of weeks there's going to be an Indy wrestling organization that I became good buddies with the owner, SWE, Scottish Wrestling Entertainment, and so this particular trip, this was a couple of years ago, and I was staying a couple of weeks so I went in to buy some things. As I'm walking in, there's a little boy and he's got his grandmother by the hand and they're walking out. And as they pass me I heard the little boy say to his grandmother, "that's the Million Dollar Man". I almost had a heart attack. I swung around wide eyed and with my jaw dropped open and I said "you know who I am?" You know, I don't have blonde hair anymore, I'm 20 years older, I'm wearing glasses and about 30 pounds heavier and this kid recognizes me. He says yes, you're the million dollar man. I said how do you know me? He said one word, video games. So it's incredible the marketing and yes I'm thrilled I'm in the new game and, as the million dollar man says, everyone's got a price and I'll get a pretty nice royalty check. So, of course I'm always happy to know when they put me on a new game.

Managing Steve Austin: "No, I guess I'd say I don't think that anybody would say that they thought Steve Austin would become, in my opinion as a wrestling star, he's the biggest guy we ever had. Now the Rock, of course the Rock went on to become an A list movie star and nobody's going to deny that but in terms of worldwide recognition and popularity I don't think anybody is going to top the Rock. But, as far as wrestling goes, yeah as a matter of fact the reason Vince put me with Steve basically because Vince, you know, he put me with several guys to more or less help groom them, give them advice and be with them what have you, and of course that rub also helps them because anyone that was put with me automatically was hated.

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