Ted Dibiase Sr. Talks Managing Steve Austin, If He Was Misused In WWE, His Son's Release, Mid-South

I can remember some of the agents back at the time telling Steve he needed to spice up his TV matches and do more stuff and I told him no, don't change anything. I said what you do is very believable, you go out there and wrestle and you're not going to get over as fast as, say, some other guy, but the guys who get over real fast are the ones that die real fast, even though it'll take you longer to get over you're going to be over so solid you can do anything you want, and I think you'll be one of the biggest stars we've ever had. I don't think anybody realized it would be as big as it has been.

If he was misused by the WWE: "Well, you know, I was a top heel in the company for a long time and whether I was moved over to a tag team with Mike Rotunda, you know, we were a top heel team. One of the things everybody asks me is it seems like you've been one of the all-time greatest heels but you were never the World Champion, whether it was NWA or WWE, and they say "don't you regret that?" And I say well, you know I guess to be able to have the career that I had and to at one point say that I was the Heavyweight Champion of the World would be great, but here's what you gotta understand. Wrestling is a business, it is show business and wrestling championships are props.

Now, it's true that, most of the time, the guy that's wearing the World Heavyweight title is an extremely good wrestler, but again, the first Wrestlemania I had, Wrestlemania 4, initially the thought was that I would win that tournament somehow, underhandedly, you know, screw Hogan out of it, and have that run. Of course at the end of that run with Hogan you would lose the belt and Hogan would be champion again and then a new heel comes in, it's kind of like you go from the top to a simmering stage where you're still there but you're not the top guy, but it was presented to me this way, I think it was Pat Patterson, who said, "Ted, what's going to give you more heat? What's going to generate more heat and what's going to generate more money? If we do what we would normally do, and been done a thousand times, and we go to this Wrestlemania and you underhandedly win the title and you have the run with Hogan and on and on you go. Or, you don't win and somehow you get screwed out of it and then in your arrogance you declare to the world that you don't need the WWE's world championship belt you'll create your own." And I said that's the ticket. For me to walk out every night with my own belt declaring myself champion, I mean, people would just absolutely loathe me and I've made more money with the Million dollar belt than I ever would have with the other one.

The Heart of David Ministry, his son's departure from WWE, Jake Roberts and more: "Well, the mission statement of Heart of David is that we're a ministry of evangelism and encouragement. Evangelism meaning that I evangelize I travel on a weekly basis to churches not only churches but I find myself doing a lot more men's events, I talk to a lot more men and I go to a lot of prisons. I speak to people that are in recovery programs, they used to call one of them teen challenge now they call it life challenge, which has a tremendous success rate so I tell people all that time that you hear about these stories about Hollywood stars going into rehab and they keep going back to rehab and Lindsey Lohan will continue to go to rehab until it kills her, until she realizes that just going to rehab isn't going to do it and that rehab has worked at 95 percent success. This is faith based rehab; it's more about developing a relationship with Christ. So that's my heart and my passion.

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