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- The Miz is on commentary with Josh Mathews. Kofi makes his entrance. Cesaro and Zeb make their entrance. Josh says Jack Swagger refused to come to Canada.

Kofi Kingston vs. Antonio Cesaro

Cesaro starts off with a dropkick and begins to stomp Kofi on the mat. Cesaro with a side headlock. Kofi connects with a leg lariat and makes a cover for a 1 count. Cesaro goes back to work with stiff strikes in the corner. Kofi lands a boot to the face and flies off the top with an axe for 2. Cesaro back bodydrops Kofi in from the apron. Cesaro rams Kofi into the corner and kicks him on the canvas. Cesaro with a headbutt in the corner.

Kofi connects with a head scissors and turns things around. Kofi slides under the rope with a dropkick to Cesaro on the outside. Cesaro sends Kofi into the steps but Kingston leaps over them and then front flips onto Cesaro. Back in the ring, Cesaro hits a couple of gut wrench suplexes; Kingston kicks out. They trade shots in the center; Cesaro launches Kofi to the floor as we go to break.

Cesaro is in control in the ring with a headlock as we return to action. Kofi starts to fight back and build a flurry. He hits the Boom Drop but Cesaro ducks SOS. Kofi hits a crossbody off the top but Cesaro kicks out. Kofi goes for a hurricanrana but Cesaro blocks it and tosses Kofi up in the air and catches him with an uppercut on the way down. Kofi kicks out. Zeb Colter can't believe it. Kofi plays possum and goes for a small package but Cesaro blocks it. Kofi fights out of a suplex and shifts his weight for an SOS for 2.

Kofi goes for Trouble in Paradise but Cesaro blocks it and swings Kofi around in the center of the ring like he did on Monday. The crowd applauds as Cesaro keeps turning and finally drops Kofi and hits a lariat for a 2. Back and forth. Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise for the win.

Winner by pin: Kofi Kingston

- We go to a video package recapping Paul Heyman and CM Punk's issues.

- Tons of Funk join commentary for our next match. The Prime Time Players make their entrance followed by 3MB. No Drew McIntyre.

The Prime Time Players vs. 3MB

Jinder Mahal and Titus O'Neil start off and Titus overpowers him. Jinder tags Slater in but Titus overpowers him also. Slater tags right back out. Titus catches Jinder's boot and stomps him in the corner while blowing his whistle. Darren Young tags in but Jinder backs him up and tags Slater. Slater and Young go back and forth. Young gets 2. Titus tags in for some double teaming. PTP takes care of 3MB to the outside as we go to commercial.

Young hits a nice suplex on Mahal for 2 as we return to action. Jinder escapes to the floor to regroup. Slater distracts Darren and Jinder attacks him from behind in the ring. Slater tags in and takes over on Darren. Tons of Funk continue to promote Tag Team Turmoil for Sunday. Slater and Jinder takes turns on Young while keeping him isolated. Titus comes in off the hot tag and cleans house. Titus tosses Jinder over his head but Slater breaks the count. Titus hits a sit-down spinebuster to Jinder in the ring for the win.

Winners by pin: The Prime Time Players

- We go to a video of Daniels Bryan's recent beat-downs.

R-Truth vs. Big E Langston

Langston overpowers Truth and knocks him to the mat. Langston runs the ropes and Truth lands a dropkick to his face. Truth dives onto Big E over the top to the floor. Truth gets a 1 in the ring. Truth leaps off the top but Big E catches him and hits 3 backbreakers across his knee. Langston hits a splash in the center of the ring for 2. Truth fights back but Langston hits a belly to belly for another 2. Truth comes back with strikes and a DDT for 2. Langston pulls down his straps and hits the Big Ending for the win.

Winner by pin: Big E Langston

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